Gwen Stefani Reenacts How Blake Shelton Proved He Was A ‘Man’ To Her Family On ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’

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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton appeared on a prerecorded episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show which will air on Thursday, and a few teaser clips of their interview have been posted online. In one of the videos, Gwen revealed how Blake used a chain to impress her family by getting out of her seat and acting out what he did.

Gwen, Blake, and Kelly were joined by their fellow coach on The Voice, John Legend, as well as the show’s host, Carson Daly. Thanks to a question about an imaginary scenario, the audience got to hear Gwen share her funny anecdote about Blake and her family. Kelly asked her guests who they would choose if they could only pick one of their castmates to be stranded with in the wilderness.

Blake Shelton proved to be a popular pick, with Gwen Stefani saying that he was her “obvious” choice and Carson Daly quipping that he would kill Blake and “take the vodka in his back pocket.” John Legend also chose Blake, noting that he owns acres of ranch land and probably knows “a lot of outdoorsy things.” Kelly feigned being upset that no one was picking her.

“Kelly, you can’t even beat me on your own show,” Blake quipped.

Gwen then diffused the situation by regaling her costars with the tale of the first time she took her family with her to Blake’s ranch in Oklahoma.

Gwen joked that she and her relatives were all from Anaheim, so they’d “never seen even trees before.” They were driving through the woods in Blake’s truck and taking in the scenery when an obstacle in the road forced them to stop.

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“There’s a tree that had been like blown down on the road, and Blake gets out, and he’s like, ‘All right,'” Gwen recalled. “And he gets in the back of the truck, and he has like a big chain.”

As Gwen was telling her story, she got up and began reenacting her boyfriend’s actions. She flashed her bra again in a white sleeveless T-shirt with large arm openings. Gwen was also rocking a colorful sequined mini-skirt, her beloved black fishnets, and white cowboy boots. As she continued talking, she mimed yanking on a chain.

“He like pulls it [the chain] out, and he wraps it around the tree, and like pulled,” Gwen said. “And my whole family’s like, ‘Oh my god! He’s a man!'”

As Gwen was acting out her family’s response to Blake’s manly feat, she added a bit of drama to her performance by putting her hands over her mouth and chest and changing her voice.

Gwen Stefani’s story had her Voice castmates in hysterics, and John quipped that Gwen “knew she was in love” after watching Blake tackle that tree.

You can check out Gwen’s reenactment of Blake’s tree wrangling below. In the video, Carson Daly also jokes about his costars’ “fornicating” and reveals what it’s like to walk around a Bass Pro Shop with Gwen Stefani’s cowboy beau.