‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Country Singer Chase Rice Teases Involvement In Peter Weber’s Dramatic Season

Some new The Bachelor spoilers about Peter Weber’s season have surfaced that sync up quite smoothly with some teasers previously detailed by blogger Reality Steve. Every season there is a date or two that involves a singing performance of some sort, and that is the case in Peter’s season as well. Country singer Chase Rice is involved in one of Weber’s dates, and he just shared a little bit about the experience from his perspective.

Chase attended the CMA Awards on Wednesday night and chatted with People about his involvement in Peter’s season. He confirmed that he did perform a few songs and he noted that he decided to say yes after talking to Dan + Shay, who popped up during an earlier season.

The singer says that he was interested in performing on The Bachelor so he could promote his songs, “Eyes On You” and “Lonely If You Are.” Usually, the musical guests incorporated into the dates don’t become part of the storyline. For Chase, things played out differently.

“[T]here was an extracurricular activity that I wasn’t expecting,” acknowledged Chase.

Of course, Chase couldn’t reveal anything too specific in terms of Bachelor spoilers regarding what exactly happened. However, he did confirm that he knew someone involved as a contestant prior to when filming started.


According to previous The Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve, Chase was in a romantic relationship with contestant Victoria Fuller prior to the filming of Peter’s season. It just so happened that production arranged for Victoria to have a one-on-one date with Peter where Chase was slated to perform.

“I was involved, and I was involved more than I wanted to be involved with,” Chase teased.

Apparently, Chase was asked about his appearance on The Bachelor in at least one other interview on Wednesday night. In a red carpet chat that has popped up on Instagram, he scoffed at the idea that he was pulled into any sort of love triangle with this appearance. He also made it sound as if he was rather unhappy that he was utilized by producers to generate this bit of drama.

After receiving that video from the red carpet, Reality Steve shared it via Twitter and added some commentary of his own. The spoiler king said that Chase knew Victoria was going on Peter’s season because she told him before she left town.

It turns out that the singer had previously done a reality television stint of his own, competing on Survivor some time ago. Given that, it seems that Reality Steve feels that it’s perhaps a bit disingenuous for the singer to say he was surprised to be involved in one of Victoria’s dates with Peter.

Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that Chase’s involvement will come in Episode 4 of the upcoming season of The Bachelor. It seems that the show featuring the singer performing for Peter and Victoria is likely slated to air on Monday, January 27, and spoilers tease that it’ll be quite the wild and dramatic outing.