‘Avengers: Endgame’ Has Huge ‘Back To The Future’ Reference That Fans Missed For Some Time

It’s taken several months, but one eagle-eyed Avengers: Endgame fan noticed a Back to the Future reference that seemed to be lost among viewers for quite some time. On November 7, Redditor malechite pointed out a scene during the final battle at the Avengers facility which gives a nod to Back to the Future Part II.

The specific moment comes right after Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) snaps his fingers, which starts the disintegration of Thanos and his army. At that point, a giant Chitauri leviathan comes crashing down right over Rocket Raccoon’s head and turns to dust just before taking the little guy out.

The leviathan has teeth and looks like a giant shark, which might be what sparked the connection the Redditor saw. In Back to the Future Part II, a Jaws 19 hologram comes crashing down on Marty McFly and just as its teeth surround him the hologram just disappears. A side-by-side video of each movie will show the camera angles are exactly the same, and both “sharks” look exactly alike.

If the similarities weren’t so on point, it could be dubbed a coincidence but it’s clearly a nod from directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo. Rocket and Marty both cover themselves in the same way as they turn from their impending doom only to find out their threat has disappeared.

Did anyone else catch this visual reference to Back to the Future: Part II in Avengers: Endgame?
by u/malechite in marvelstudios

The Reddit post gained a lot of steam among Marvel Cinematic Universe fans and has over 32,000 upvotes and 500-plus comments in just a few days. That is quite impressive for an Avengers: Endgame post so long after the movie has left theaters. Fans of the movie will also remember Back to the Future itself being mentioned in the movie as a film that defined time travel. Even though Bruce Banner and Nebula debunk the film’s explanations of time travel, the movie still had an impact.

Bob Gale, the co-writer and producer of Back to the Future, talked about his film being a part of the fourth Avengers film and seemed completely flattered when catching up with The Hollywood Reporter.


“I was delighted to learn from Endgame that all of the Marvel superheroes are fans of Back to the Future. I knew our movie had been seen in almost every part of our world, but I had no idea we’d been playing in other parts of the multi-verse too,” Bob said while also joking about being owed money.

Commenters on the Reddit post also noted that Alan Silvestri composed the scores to both films, making this connection even more exciting.