WWE Rumors: Two Superstars Are Done With The Company And Will Be Leaving

The main roster of WWE is filled with great talent from top to bottom, and that makes it hard for superstars to find the spotlight. Primo and Epico Colon are two veteran talents who have not been seen on WWE television in some time, and it appears as if they may soon find somewhere else to work. Rumors are starting to fly that the tag team is about to head out to greener pastures and leave their long-term employer.

WWE is currently running five different brands around the world and that means a lot of superstars are needed. Still, there is only so much room in the spotlight, and so much TV time available, which means that not everyone can get their turn at the front of the line.

Primo and Epico Colon have been members of the WWE roster for more than a decade, and they have been involved in a number of big storylines. They have had three different runs with the tag team titles and still have a number of good years ahead of them in the ring, but they may no longer be with WWE.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of IW Nerd, is reporting that the Colons are on their way out of WWE very soon. They know their time has come with the promotion, and they want to go somewhere that they can work and wrestle.

The Colons prepare for their next match.

The Wrestling Observer is quoting former WWE superstar Savio Vega, who said that the Colons are straight-up done with WWE, but it simply hasn’t been announced yet. It is not known if they have already been released or not, but it would not be a surprise if that reveal comes very soon.

Seeing as how they were not on the card for recent WWE Live Events in San Juan, though, it seems as if the transaction may already be done.

Epico and Primo Colon haven’t wrestled in WWE since a loss to Heavy Machinery back on SmackDown Live in early January. They may have had a dark match in early February, but it has not been recorded on The Internet Wrestling Database.

Vega also revealed that former WWE superstar Carlito was contacted to return to the company and partner with his real-life family members. The former multi-time champion hasn’t decided if he wants to come back to the company or not, and that has left Primo and Epico without much of a storyline. Without anywhere to go with the tag team, they feel as if their time with the promotion is over.