Chrissy Teigen Says John Legend & Kelly Clarkson Burned ‘All Original Versions’ Of ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’

Chrissy Teigen has a hilarious response for those who are outraged over her husband’s latest musical endeavor. After Teigen’s husband, John Legend, was blasted for rewriting the lyrics to the classic holiday song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” for a duet with Kelly Clarkson, the 33-year-old model and author took to Twitter to say her man has destroyed all original versions of the 1944 Frank Loesser song that was made famous by Dean Martin in 1959.

Teigen cracked the joke after journalist Yashar Ali tweeted that Legend is not “holding people captive” and forcing them to listen to the new version of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” or going around and “confiscating copies of the original version.” In his post, Ali questioned why so many people are upset by the updated song lyrics and advised critics to simply not listen to Legend and Clarkson’s duet.

But Teigen said Ali has it all wrong.

“Yashar you’re wrong here,” Teigen wrote on Twitter.” I watched [John] and Kelly physically burn all original versions in our backyard. It was crazy actually I was like whoa guys settle down.”

It’s no surprise that social media fans had a field day over Teigen’s Twitter post about her husband’s controversial song that appears on his new album, A Legendary Christmas: The Deluxe Edition. Many fans posted fire memes and others replied to Teigen with witty responses.

“They also time-traveled to my youth and yelled at my grandparents for playing it on Christmas,” one fan wrote of Legend and Clarkson.

“When my neighbor told me John Legend broke into her house and stole one of her Christmas CD’s, I thought she was crazy. Who knew?” another added.

“Ahh.. that explains how the original version just vanished out of my iCloud and Spotify accounts,” a third fan chimed in.

“Now we know where the Cali wildfire started,” a fourth follower said of the fictional record burning.

Other fans noted that Teigen’s entertaining posts are the reason why they still have a Twitter account.

Teigen also entertained fans in the comments section of her husband’s teaser for the song. After Legend asked if the update was a welcome addition or “PC culture run amok,” Teigen cheekily replied, “Very upset. Will not listen.”

While Legend’s “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” officially dropped November 8, there was outrage over the “woke” version of the song well before its release, as The Inquisitr previously shared.

After Legend told Vanity Fair that he and co-writer Natasha Rothwell changed the lyrics of the song to reflect modern times, Dean Martin’s daughter Deana blasted the rewrite of her late father’s classic, saying Legend had no business altering it.

The original lyrics to the famous duet have the female singer saying she “ought to say no, no, no” as her suitor pressures her to stay at his place. In the new version, Legend sings to Clarkson, “It’s your body and your choice.”