Blake Shelton Expertly Trolled By Taylor Swift On Twitter, She Calls Him ‘Blake Lively’

Blake Shelton just got trolled by Taylor Swift on social media! The “Lover” singer, who acted as a Mega Mentor on The Voice’s October 28 episode, called the country superstar by another name during a cute Twitter clip of the two together.

Instead of referring to him as Blake Shelton, Taylor called him Blake Lively, the actress best known for her work on Gossip Girl in addition to being Ryan Reynolds‘ wife.

In the Twitter video, The Voice coach is seen beside Taylor, both looking quite adorable. The pop superstar used a Snapchat filter to add cat ears and a nose to her and Shelton’s face as they looked into her phone for the video.

The twist came when Taylor made the following statements, throwing Blake completely off guard.

“Here we are at The Voice,” said Taylor.

“Here we are at the — oh my gosh, they’ve even got the eyes,” said Blake, commenting on the filter, one which allowed him to sport some mascara on his eyelashes.

He seemed to enjoy the look, raising his eyebrows up and down in appreciation of his feline look.

“Yeah, you have mascara on as a cat!” quipped Taylor. “That’s one of the perks of being a cat.”

Taylor then threw a curveball into the otherwise normal video, stating, “I’m here with Blake Lively and it’s a wonder… oh, it’s not Blake Lively.”

She cut off the video before Blake could respond to her joke, but apparently he liked it as well, as he shared it to his Instagram stories.

Blake and Taylor have known each other for years, both being members of the country music community. Taylor got her start in the business as a country singer out of Nashville, Tennessee. Her first big hit was the tune “Tim McGraw,” which she released in 2007 for her debut album Taylor Swift. Her following two albums — titled Fearless and Speak Now — were also country-heavy. Then, Taylor segued into pop territory, leaving her country past behind with the album Red.

Yahoo Entertainment reported that one of the members of Kelly Clarkson‘s team, Melinda Rodriguez, recently gave Taylor a shocking moment when she opened up to her about the health struggles face by her brother, Chris. He was waiting for a heart transplant and had gotten word that one was available. While Chris was in the hospital, Melinda met the superstar singer as a contestant on The Voice.

The contestant revealed that Chris is a huge fan of Taylor, and that he has every single one of her album names tattooed on his body. Melinda also remarked that she and her brother share a “Fearless” tattoo, in honor of the singer’s blockbuster album.

In response, Taylor was tearful, asking for Chris’ address in order to send him some gifts.

As a Mega Mentor, Taylor Swift joins Shelton and his fellow coaches Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Gwen Stefani to advise the show’s artists. They coaches also help prepare each team for the Knockout Rounds.

Swift previously appeared on Season 7 of The Voice, taking on the role of mentor in 2014.

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.