October 24, 2019
Donald Trump's Mental Impairment Means He Can't 'Think Strategically Or In Abstract Terms,' Professor Says

Donald Trump has a mental impairment that leaves him unable to think strategically or in abstract terms, a noted professor of psychiatry says.

Dr. John Talmadge, a physician and clinical professor of psychiatry at U.T. Southwestern Medical Center, shared his thoughts on Trump on Twitter, saying that the president is unable to think beyond one-dimensional terms.

"Trump has no policy on any issue because his mental impairment means he cannot think strategically or in abstract terms," Talmadge tweeted. "He cannot weigh options, assess risk, or foresee consequences. Concepts like fairness, justice, honor, and integrity quite literally do not register. You can see this in every interview or press encounter. He never states an abstract thought or idea."

Talmadge said that Trump instead has to fall back on the simple adjectives he understands, like "low-intelligence" or "fake."

"He's driven by negative emotion, often paranoid and often insulting, vulgar, vitriolic," Talmadge added.

The explanation gained viral attention this week, generating thousands of likes and shares while also prompted UT Southwestern to point out to Newsweek that Talmadge was speaking in a personal capacity and not for the school. He is not the first to point out potential mental health issues for the president. Dr. Bandy X. Lee, a noted Yale University psychiatrist, has repeatedly spoken out about what she believes to be signs of a dangerous mental state and had even written a book that contains essays from 27 psychologists, psychiatrists, and mental health experts.

As The Inquisitr reported, Lee has tried to organize other mental health experts to speak out against what they see as potential dangers, even though it has long been a tradition for doctors not to speak out about patients they have not personally evaluated.

Lee has said she felt compelled to speak out because of potential danger to the United States due to Trump's impulsive actions.

"With Donald Trump there will be unacceptable levels of danger of him either destroying the United States or perhaps even human civilization," Lee said in an interview with Salon. "Donald Trump is a national emergency."

The White House has pushed back against these assertions that Donald Trump's mental state poses a danger, saying it is improper. But some critics have also seized on these assessments in calling for Trump's cabinet members to consider removing him from office via the 25th Amendment, which allows for the removal of a president who is medically unfit to hold office.