WWE News: NXT Superstar Completely Removed From Website, No Longer On Roster Page 5

NXT is no longer looked at as just the developmental league for WWE as it has become its own unique brand. Superstars are not always looking to “move up” to the main roster because they feel they have already made it with the brand decked out in yellow. Unfortunately, not everything always works out the way many hope and that could be why one superstar is no longer even on the roster page or on the website at all.

When it comes to rumors and speculation in professional wrestling, it is really hard to know what carries any validity. At times, rumors end up coming true although most of the time, speculation fades away to become absolutely nothing.

Weeks ago, rumors swirled that upcoming NXT superstar Kacy Catanzaro was leaving the company. The speculation stated that she was dealing with a back injury that would require her to leave WWE. She would reportedly need to completely retire from wrestling.

There was not a lot of solid information out there, but it was revealed that Catanzaro was still under contract to WWE. Due to that obligation, she would not be able to leave the company right away and without prior notice.

All of that may have changed by now, though, as Catanzaro’s profile has been completely removed from the NXT portion of the WWE website.

Catanzaro’s profile has indeed been removed and she is not listed with the rest of the NXT roster on WWE. Upon checking out the WWE Alumni section, she is not listed there either. That said, she never actually made it to the main roster for either Monday Night Raw or Friday Night SmackDown.

Earlier this year, Catanzaro appeared at the Royal Rumble and she participated in the 30-woman over-the-top-rope battle royal. While some may have thought she would be called up after that, she actually returned to NXT the next week.

Catanzaro is dating Raw superstar Ricochet and they have been together for quite some time. Last month, Ricochet was asked about her status and if she was retiring from wrestling, but he totally squashed all of those rumors, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

There has been no official announcement made by WWE or NXT at this time, and there is been nothing from Kacy Catanzaro either. It’s hard to imagine that the removal of her profile from the site was a mistake after all of the rumors, but no confirmation has been made either way.

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