Man Suspected Of Killing Grandparents May Be In Oregon Hotel

A manhunt is on for a man suspected of killing his grandparents in Renton, Washington. The man, Michael “Chadd” Boysen, allegedly murdered his grandparents the same day they picked him up from a Washington state prison.

Police believe that Boysen is holed up in a hotel in Lincoln City, Oregon. They are currently negotiating with a man they believe to be the suspect.

The hotel in question has been evacuated and about 20 to 25 officers are at the scene. They were tipped off around 7:30 am local time by a hotel clerk who recognized a man who checked in on Monday night as Boysen.

Police Chief Keith Killian stated that the suspect used his real name. Boysen, 26, has been considered extremely dangerous. Police have reason to believe the recently-released man is trying to obtain guns.

King County Sheriff John Urquhart spoke at a news conference on Monday about the manhunt, warning, “I can’t stress how dangerous this guy is.” Urquhart added, “We have to catch him as soon as we can.”

The suspect is considered dangerous because he has made threats against other family members, as well as law enforcement officials. The bodies of Michael Boysen’s grandparents were discovered by the man’s mother on Saturday evening. She was called by a family member who was worried when the couple didn’t answer the door.

The suspect was released from Monroe State Prison in Washington on Friday where he served several years for robbery charges. His grandparents picked him up, hosted a family “welcome home party,” and offered him a place to stay for the night. The couple was killed either late on Friday or early on Saturday.

Urquhart explained that police to not have a motive for the murders, adding, “We are at a loss as to why he killed them.” While the sheriff explained that Boysen’s grandparents were not shot, he declined to give details about how they died.

If police are able to successfully negotiate with the man suspected of killing his grandparents, he will likely be taken into custody and extradited to Washington. If the man holed up in the Oregon hotel is not Michael Boysen, the manhunt will continue.