Here’s How ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Felt About The Mini ‘Charmed’ Reunion

As The Inquisitr reported last week, this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy offered viewers a blast from the past. The episode featured guest stars Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs, who starred together as sisters in Charmed. Notably, executive producers of the medical drama Krista Vernoff and Andy Reaser were writers for Charmed.

As fans of Grey’s Anatomy and Charmed would agree, the two television shows are technically two different genres. So, it is debatable how much of an overlap their fan bases would have. Naturally, this caused some to wonder whether the Charmed reunion was well-received by Grey’s Anatomy fans. Fortunately, whether fans watched it on television or tuned in via Hulu the next day, many have had plenty of time to watch and react to the reunion on social media.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from this week’s episode.

So, how did fans feel about the Charmed reunion?

Several individuals who have taken to Twitter were quick to note the only reason they tuned in to watch this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy was because they wanted to see the scenes with Milano and Marie Combs. Some shamelessly admitted they do not watch the medical drama, but couldn’t miss out on an opportunity to see their favorite on-screen sisters once again.

Others emotionally noted the reunion only made them want to spend time re-watching Charmed.

Many agreed Grey’s Anatomy writers and producers did a good job of giving off vibes of the original Charmed series as they introduced these two actresses as guest stars.

A few fans even exclaimed they had no idea that a reunion of the two actresses playing the role of sisters on screen once more was something they needed.

Overall, there didn’t appear to be any fans of Grey’s Anatomy or Charmed that took any sort of issue with the reunion. Even fans who only like to watch one of the two shows seemed to be fine with the reunion.

Just how did the Charmed sisters briefly fit into the story line anyway?

Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs played the role of estranged sisters who arrived at the hospital that Alex Karev had recently taken over to revamp into a more successful facility. The sisters were called to the hospital after learning their other sister, who they were also distant from, had a terrible accident at a construction site. The duo spent chunks of the episode fighting, before ultimately agreeing to “unplug” their brain dead sister.

Immediately after Webber turned off life support, the sisters received a phone call from who they believed to be a friend of their sister. The sisters were startled when it was the voice of their sister on the phone. It was revealed that someone had stolen their sister’s purse, and the individual they had just unplugged was not their sister. It was the woman that stole her belongings.

New episodes of Grey’s Anatomy air every Thursday night on ABC. New episodes are available the following day via Hulu.

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