Carly & Sonny’s Baby Is Born, ‘General Hospital’ Writers Pay Tribute To Beloved Crew Member Donna Messina

Maurice Benard and Laura Wright star as Sonny and Carly on 'General Hospital'
Michael Yada / ABC

After a difficult pregnancy, Carly and Sonny Corinthos have finally met their new baby girl. General Hospital spoilers have teased that there may be some complications on the way for the family — the infant has spina bifida and was born early — but for now, everybody is buzzing over the baby’s arrival and name.

As viewers saw on Monday, Sonny and Carly now have a baby girl. The couple noted that they had already decided on a name, but that they were glad they had kept it to themselves all this time. As the Corinthos pair gushed over their new baby girl, they noted that they had decided to name her Donna.

General Hospital fans immediately took to Twitter to discuss the name choice. Some viewers thought the choice was a little odd, but others noted that they knew how the name was chosen.

As Monday’s show progressed, the family talked about how Donna Messina had been a beloved neighbor whom Sonny had adored years ago. In reality, Donna Messina was the name of someone beloved by the General Hospital cast and crew for many decades.

Fans who closely follow the show may remember that the cast was heartbroken over the death of a treasured crew member late last year. Makeup artist Donna Messina passed away in December of 2018 after a battle with cancer.

As ABC Soaps in Depth has previously detailed, Messina was a part of the General Hospital family from 1983 through 2018. After Donna’s death, executive producer Frank Valentini revealed a new bench at the studio, one bearing a plaque noting Messina’s connection to the show. Apparently, the bench sits in the spot where Donna usually took her breaks.

At the time of Messina’s death, many cast members took to social media to share their heartbreak over losing Donna. It was clear she had been a treasured member of the General Hospital family, one who would be missed by everybody connected to the show.


Now, it seems that Carly and Sonny’s baby was named Donna as a way to further honor the beloved makeup artist. During Monday’s show, Sonny talked about why he had loved his “neighbor” Donna so much. By the way that he spoke during this monologue, it seems likely that all the qualities he noted were likely true of the real Messina.

General Hospital spoilers previously shared via The Inquisitr have suggested that Sonny and Carly’s baby may not be out of the woods yet. Viewers will seemingly learn more about the outcome of her surgery later in the week, and everybody will be anxious to see that she’ll be fine.

The initial reveal of the name Donna Corinthos for the baby raised some eyebrows among General Hospital fans. However, many appear to be quickly embracing the tie-in to the beloved Donna Messina as a sweet and touching tribute.