'General Hospital' Spoilers: Shiloh May Be Dead, But He Is Still Causing Trouble From Beyond The Grave

It has been a dramatic week on General Hospital with the final demise of Shiloh, aka David Henry Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin). Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) finally did what she had to do to save Jason's (Steve Burton) life, which has everyone in Port Charles breathing a big sigh of relief. While it seems like this is a cut and dry situation, however, things are about to take a turn for the worse for Sam and Jason.

General Hospital spoilers for the week of September 30 show plenty of drama is to come for Sam as she is about to be arrested for killing Shiloh. According to SheKnows Soaps, Jordan (Briana Henry) will be insistent when it comes to this case. She will be grilling Sam about what she was intending to do when she grabbed the flare gun from the Haunted Star and used it on Shiloh.

However, the only reason the police commissioner is calling Sam back to the PCPD for more questioning is because of the sneaky nurse who took care of her at the hospital right after the incident.

On Friday's episode, that same nurse had a flashback. She remembered she overheard Sam telling Jason that when Sam had the gun in her hand, she had thought of all the people that Shiloh had hurt. The nurse listened in on the couple's conversation, then gave her statement to the police about what she heard. That statement prompted Jordan to call Sam back in for more questioning, trying to decide if her actions were premeditated or not.

According to the current print edition of Soap Opera Digest, Sam is about to be arrested for the murder of David Henry Archer. The statement from the nurse seems to be the nail in her coffin. Apparently, Shiloh can still cause plenty of trouble, even though he is dead.

It is not clear what the nurse's motivation is for turning Sam in. She could very likely be a member of Dawn of Day, or she could just be a concerned citizen who felt compelled to uphold justice in Port Charles by telling the police what she knows. Whatever her reason, Sam is now in trouble. It appears her self-defense plea isn't going to satisfy the police, at least for now.

Fans know that Jason will fight for Sam with all he has. He is not about to let her take the fall for Shiloh's death, especially with all that Shiloh has done. Most of Port Charles will be behind Sam since they are happy that he is gone and can't hurt anyone else ever again.

Most General Hospital fans are also happy that Shiloh is finally gone, although they do cheer Coby Ryan McLaughlin's performance, loving that he made them hate his character so much. As The Inquisitr has detailed, fans were impressed by the talents he showcased while on the ABC soap.

Fans can keep watching General Hospital this week to see what Sam's fate will be.