‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Season 16 Premiere Brings Answers About Jackson & Clarity For Maggie

It’s time for the Season 16 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy, and spoilers tease that this episode will be jam-packed with action. Viewers were left hanging with numerous cliffhangers last spring, though answers are on the horizon. One key question fans have relates to Dr. Jackson Avery’s fate, and new teasers indicate that people won’t be left hanging for much longer.

During the Season 15 finale, Jackson and Maggie were struggling in their romance. They had spent time away from the hospital, but they found that they could not get on the same page. They were arguing a lot, and then he seemed to disappear into the fog as Maggie sat in the car along the side of the road in the dark.

The show definitely wanted to give fans the impression that this might be the end of Jackson. Grey’s Anatomy has killed off or written out plenty of major characters in the past, and viewers were anxious over the possibility that Jesse Williams might now be departing his long-running role now as well.

Luckily, new Grey’s Anatomy spoilers confirm that Jackson isn’t going anywhere. He and Maggie will still have relationship issues to face, but he’s not gone for good.

ET Online shares some big Grey’s Anatomy spoilers about Thursday night’s premiere. This Season 16 opener is titled “Nothing Left to Cling To,” and viewers initially will see Maggie still worried about Jackson’s whereabouts.

Apparently, Maggie will learn that Jackson was missing in the fog because he stumbled upon someone else who desperately needed his help. This will come as a huge relief to Maggie, but Grey’s Anatomy spoilers note that this doesn’t end the relationship issues between the two.

Actress Kelly McCreary, who portrays Maggie, teased that there is more friction ahead for the pair. She wouldn’t reveal anything juicy about whether Jackson and Maggie can go the distance in this romance, but it sounds as if they’re going to try to repair the cracks in their relationship.

Thursday’s premiere isn’t focused solely on Jackson and Maggie though. As The Inquisitr previously shared, there is a time jump coming, but specifics about how much time will have passed have mostly been kept under wraps.

Previews have shown that Meredith will be doing some community service and it seems that DeLuca is still in a rough place after his arrest. Others will soon learn about Miranda firing Karev, Richard, and Meredith for their role in the insurance fraud situation, and it seems that everybody will be quite shocked.

Teddy and Owen will be navigating the early days of parenthood, and Grey’s Anatomy spoilers share that viewers will see Miranda, Richard, Tom, and Karev at various points as well.

All signs point toward Thursday’s Season 16 premiere being an intense and juicy one. Grey’s Anatomy spoilers hint that there are wild storylines on the horizon, and fans cannot wait to get started again.

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