Ilhan Omar Deletes Tweet That Raises Questions About Her Alleged Marriage To Her Brother

Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar deleted a years-old tweet this week that wished a happy birthday to the man she identifies as her father, a move that some observers think is further evidence that she secretly married her brother, The Blaze reports.

Back in 2013, Omar wrote a message that, to anyone not familiar with the rumor that she married her brother, is a mundane birthday greeting to her father.

“Happy Father’s Day to my aabo Nur Said, I am forever grateful to Allah for giving me the best father…”

This week, she deleted that tweet. However, nothing that is deleted is ever gone, and indeed, when it comes to politicians and celebrities, there’s a whole cottage industry devoted to tracking when a tweet is deleted and archiving such tweets.

The deletion caught the attention of The Wrap writer Jon Levine, who suggested that Omar was up to something untoward in deleting the years-old tweet.

“This was deleted by Rep. Ilhan Omar this morning, and I would like to know why.”

The Blaze writer Carlos Garcia suggests that the deletion may have been an attempt to cover her tracks after mistakenly revealing that she was wishing a Happy Father’s Day not to her father, but to her brother, whom she secretly married, according to a rumor that’s going around in conservative circles.

As reported previously by The Inquisitr, Omar immigrated from Somalia with her family at the age of 10. In 2002, when she was 20, she “married” Ahmed Hirsi, 22, in a religious ceremony, but did not obtain a marriage license or marry legally in the eyes of the state. Omar and Hirsi split up six years later, by this time the parents of two children. Their “divorce” was also ceremonial and carried out in their “faith tradition,” but like their “marriage,” their divorce was not carried out in the legal sense.

Then in 2009, Omar married Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, whom she identified as a “British citizen,” this time legally, but whom she later divorced, only ceremonially and not legally. The rumor holds that Ahmed Nur Said Elmi is not just some random “British citizen” but actually her brother.

In the interest of fairness, it bears noting that the allegation that Elmi is Omar’s brother is not based on any actual known facts. Records from war-torn Somalia are all but nonexistent, as is verifiable information about Elmi. Government records about her family, be it in Somalia, the U.S., or Britain, are few and far between, and social media accounts of anyone connected to Omar’s family reveal little.

Omar, for her part, has been almost silent about the issues related to her family, a fact that her detractors point to as evidence that she’s hiding something.

As for the deleted tweet, a statement — seen on Levine’s Twitter — from her campaign makes two points. First, “Nur Said” means “happy light” in Arabic and has been Omar’s nickname for her father for years. And second, her team said that she deleted the tweet because “people write vile things on posts about people she loves,” and she deemed it better to take it down.

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