’90 Day Fiancé’: Tim Malcolm Shocked By Transgender Comments From Fans

Season 3 of TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days introduced viewers to Timothy Malcolm, a 38-year-old business owner, and his girlfriend Jeniffer, a 25-year-old single mother living in Colombia.

After traveling to meet his lady in person, Tim confessed to the show’s cameras that he was keeping a secret from Jeniffer, and fans were quick to assume it had something to do with his gender, which surprised the business owner, according to a report from TV Shows Ace.

While on the show, viewers watched Tim offer skincare tips and tricks to his girlfriend and even showed her the best way to apply rejuvenating eye masks. Tim’s focus on his appearance also led Jeniffer to question whether he was manly enough for her. During an Instagram Q&A session, one fan asked Tim why he acted in such a feminine manner.

The reality TV star said he doesn’t live is life for the approval of others and his mannerisms have never affected his love life before.

“I have never had a problem having a girlfriend, so clearly there are some women who like men like me,” he wrote to the curious fan.

Tim went on to address questions about the hate he’s been receiving since appearing on the show. He said while he knew he would encounter trolls online, he wasn’t prepared to be labeled as a transgender, as fans are convinced he was born a woman.

“Yes, I knew I would have haters,” he wrote. “The transgender comments were not expected.”

He went on to say that he doesn’t think he’s feminine, but would consider himself “metro for sure.”

But despite addressing the rumors, fans continue to speculate online.

“I’m still going with Tim’s secret is that he’s trans,” one user tweeted.

“Oh dang I thought Tim’s secret was he is gay or trans. Well, Jennifer is still gonna flip out,” another tweeted, referring to Tim’s actual secret, which linked him to another woman from Colombia.

Jeniffer has made it clear she did not want Tim entertaining any of his ex-girlfriends. The couple has found themselves constantly at odds over Tim’s relationship with his ex, who is also the mother of the child he has been raising as his own. Jeniffer was shocked to learn that Tim had been keeping in touch with another ex, a woman he also visited in Colombia.

This season of Before the 90 Days also features familiar cast members, Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi, along with Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

Angela and Michael have returned to the series to give their relationship another shot, while Darcey has returned with a new man. Darcey claims her new beau is nothing like her ex, Jesse Meester, and hopes Tom will be the man she finally makes it down the aisle with, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

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