WWE Rumors: Former Champion Says WWE Tried To ‘Kill His Character’ With Taboo Storyline

Throughout the history of professional wrestling, there have been some very strange gimmicks and storylines for wrestlers to participate in. Some of them have been weird while others have gone as far as shocking, but not all ideas come to fruition. One former champion in WWE is now saying that the promotion wanted him to do a very taboo angle which he believed was being done to try to kill his character.

Ken Shamrock spent time in both UFC and WWE, and he was successful in both fighting worlds. He won the WWF/WWE Intercontinental Championship in WWE and was part of major storylines with The Corporation, The Ministry, and numerous others.

Shamrock recently returned to the ring at the age of 55 and is signed again with Impact Wrestling. On October 20, Shamrock will make his official comeback as he takes on Moose at the Bound For Glory pay-per-view, and it’s exciting for him and all of his fans.

Not everything in wrestling is always exciting and glamorous, though. There were some things throughout his career that he wasn’t overly thrilled with, and Shamrock has now revealed that WWE once created a storyline/angle for him which he believed was being done to totally squash his gimmick.

Ken Shamrock recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet, available via YouTube, about a number of topics, and he brought up the old days in WWE. There was a time when WWE had Ryan Shamrock as Ken’s valet, and it just so happened that she was also his on-television “sister,” but they weren’t related in real life.

At the time, Shamrock was feuding with Bret Hart, and he said that WWE proposed an angle to him where he became romantic with and fell in love with his sister. To him, it was something that wasn’t worth doing, as transcribed by Ringside News.

“I know that they wanted to do a storyline where Ryan, who played my sister, wanted me to be in love with her … I’m like ‘that just don’t feel right.’

“So in my mind… it just felt to me like they were trying to ruin The World’s Most Dangerous Man.”

Shamrock believes that WWE was setting out to “kill my character,” which he says he’s heard they’ve done with others in the past. At that point, he took a stand and said that he was not going to let that happen.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Vince McMahon is reportedly not high on Luke Harper right now and believes keeping him at home is more important than allowing him on TV.

Ken Shamrock has been through a lot during his career in the MMA world and professional wrestling, but it is far from over. He’s heading back to Impact Wrestling and who knows where this next chapter could end up going. As for his time in WWF/WWE, it was quite successful, and he was a major part of the “Attitude Era,” but falling in love with his sister is where he absolutely drew the line.

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