‘One Piece’ Chapter 955 Delayed, New Release Date Revealed

One Piece features the members of the Straw Hat Pirates.
tofoli.douglas / Flickr/ Public Domain

One Piece Wano Arc continues to get more interesting as the much-awaited battle between the Straw Hat Pirates alliance and the Beast Pirates draws near. A few days before the raid at Onigashima, the Straw Hat Pirates alliance grew in number after the group led by Monkey D. Luffy freed Lord Oden’s followers from the Prisoner’s Mine. With the help of Kawamatsu the Kappa, they managed to arm all their allies with the katanas that they collected from the graves at Ringo.

However, the Straw Hat Pirates alliance isn’t the only one who obtained powerful allies, but also the Beast Pirates. One Piece Chapter 954 featured the surprising formation of a pirate alliance between two of the Four Emperors of the Sea – Beast Pirates captain Kaido and Big Mom Pirates captain Charlotte Linlin. As of now, fans are eager to know how long Emperor Kaido and Emperor Big Mom will remain loyal to their newly established alliance. Unfortunately, for those waiting for what will happen next, Otakukart revealed that there will be no new chapter of One Piece this week.

According to Otakukart, the release of One Piece Chapter 955 will be delayed and the scans are expected to be available on September 13, 2019.

“Fans might have to wait even further for Chapter 955 as One Piece Chapter 955 release date is delayed. One Piece chapter 955 is on break till next week. We will be getting One Piece Chapter 955 raw/scans on September 13th 2019.”


There are plenty of things that could happen in the upcoming chapter of One Piece, including the feast that will be hosted by Emperor Kaido and the Beast Pirates at Onigashima where a mysterious group called “The Numbers” will attend. As of now, there is only limited information available for “The Numbers.” After Beast Pirates All-Star King the Wildfire revealed that “The Numbers” were on their way back to Onigashima to join the banquet, Beast Pirates All-Star Queen the Plague expressed his dismay and called them the “worst sort of drunks.”

Based on their shadows in One Piece Chapter 954, “The Numbers” looked like scary monsters who could be potentially bigger than Emperor Kaido and Emperor Big Mom. Aside from the introduction of “The Numbers,” One Piece Chapter 955 could also show the new sword of Strawhat Pirates vice-captain Roronoa Zoro. After Kozuki Hiyori made a request, Zoro agreed to trade Shusui for Enma, a legendary sword formerly owned by Lord Oden. After deciding to give Shusui back, Zoro also revealed that he’s planning to visit the grave of Ryuma to pay his respect.