WWE News: Daniel Bryan Posts Heartfelt Post After Sudden Passing Of His Dog

Many fans love to think that the world of professional wrestling is something that takes them out of reality, and that is what happens quite often. A lot of people fail to remember that the wrestlers do have real lives separate from their characters and things happen to them outside of the ring. Daniel Bryan proved that point in a heartbreaking post after the sudden passing of his beloved dog, Josie, this weekend.

Bryan’s life has been on display on WWE television for years now, but it was shown even more due to reality shows. Total Divas and Total Bellas starred his wife, Brie, and her twin sister, but Daniel was often featured on the different series and fans saw new sides of him.

Anyone who has seen those shows, or even followed along with him on his social media, knows about his beloved dog, Josie. There have been many posts in which Bryan has shown pictures of them playing together or her doing something silly and being a cute little puppy.

Unfortunately, a serious situation over the weekend led to another post with Josie, but this one was heartbreaking and heartfelt. The post on his Instagram was made on Sunday afternoon and detailed Bryan’s deepest thoughts and love for Josie after her sudden passing.

This obviously came as quite a shock to both he and Brie Bella, but it was also out of nowhere for his fans. On Wednesday, Daniel Bryan posted a fun picture of Josie laying in one of his suitcases and wanting to keep him home and not see him leave to go on the road again.

The picture was incredibly cute and was liked by more than 70,000 people.

A few days later, Daniel Bryan posted all about Josie as well, but this one was much more somber in mood. He didn’t detail exactly how she died, but did say that she passed after an emergency trip to the vet.

Daniel Bryan is currently one of the top heels in WWE and a member of the SmackDown Live roster. In the past, things like this never would have been known to anyone, but social media means that everyone finds out almost everything about their favorite superstars.

While it may blur the lines of fantasy and reality in professional wrestling, it does also give fans a look into the true lives of their favorite WWE superstars. Daniel Bryan may play a harsh and angry character on television, but the loss of his beloved dog, Josie, shows just how human he is and how much she meant to him.

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