Jenelle Evans Pushes Back Against Report Husband David Eason Lost Custody Of Son, Says He ‘Still Has Rights’

Jenelle Evans is pushing back against reports that her husband’s ex has won sole legal and physical custody of their son, saying the report is old news.

Court documents obtained by Radar Online and published on Friday showed that a North Carolina judge had granted sold custody of 5-year-old Kaden to his mother, Olivia Leedham. The ruling took place on June 29, and Evans said in an interview with Hollywood Life that the situation has evolved since then.

The court papers from June 29 noted that David Eason had little involvement in his son’s life, and claimed that he was abusive toward Olivia, including “pushing Plaintiff [Leedham] when she was eight months pregnant and by leaving her in the middle of the road at night when she was seven months pregnant.”

Olivia told the court that she was concerned for her son, who would act oddly and sometimes cry uncontrollably after visiting David and Jenelle. This led to David’s rights being suspended back in November of 2018, and in June, those rights were taken away, the report claimed.

Jenelle admitted to Hollywood Life that the ruling from June went against David, but said he took Olivia back to court and was able to have his custody rights restored.

“There is a custody order in place as of now. Olivia Leedham has primary custody but David still has all his rights as a father,” Jenelle told the celebrity news outlet. “The only way David can lose full custody is if they were to serve David with a court date and he didn’t show up on purpose. David has legal representation and is going to handle this issue with visitation. As of now there is a visitation order in place.”

Jenelle Evans and David Eason have found themselves in plenty of controversy this summer after claims that David shot and killed the family dog after he said it had bit his young daughter. There was some question as to whether the shooting actually took place, with Jenelle reportedly telling police that she made up the story for publicity, but David later saying in court that he did kill the dog. The incident led to a backlash from fans and swift action from MTV, which fired Jenelle from Teen Mom 2.

After the alleged incident, Jenelle and David also lost custody of 2-year-old daughter Ensley and Jenelle’s son, 4-year-old Kaiser Griffith. After a series of court appearances, the couple won custody of the kids back in July.

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