Khloe Kardashian Has ‘Overdone’ It On Lip Fillers, Plastic Surgery Experts Say

Khloe Kardashian may have gone a little overboard on the lip fillers recently, a pair of plastic surgery experts say.

The reality television star made waves this week when she showed off her noticeably larger lips in a series of Instagram photos. The plump lips drew some interest among fans, who accused Khloe of going too far in trying to perfect the pouty look, and two plastic surgeons are now telling Hollywood Life the same.

After the celebrity news outlet had done a story on fan reactions to Khloe’s noticeably bigger lips, they contacted Dr. Bruce E. Katz of the JUVA Skin & Laser Center in New York City and Dr. Daniel Barrett, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, to discuss her look. Both noted that it clearly looked as if she had recently gotten lip injections, though Dr. Katz said that he hoped that it looked “quite overdone” and hoped that it was just swelling. Dr. Barrett agreed that she had either gotten overfilled with the lip filler of her lips were swollen from the procedure.

Dr. Katz explained how clear it was that she had done work when looking at before-and-after pictures of the reality television star.

“If you look at her cupid’s bow, it’s more pronounced now than in the before photo,” Dr. Katz said. “And that’s not a bad effect because as people age the cupid’s bow flattens so we like to give it a little more volume and accentuate it a bit. If her lips just have temporary swelling then it will go down, but if we see her again in a month or two and it looks the same then she’s had it done to look like that.”

The Kardashian family has often come under fire for some very surgically enhanced looks, including some critiques of younger sister Kylie Jenner for her own overdone lip fillers.

Hollywood Life was not the only celebrity gossip outlet to take notice of Khloe Kardashian’s very different look. In Touch Weekly also devoted a story to the fan accusations that she had gone overboard on the look. The report noted that her picture was inundated with critical comments from fans.

“I’m sorry but your lips are overdone. It looks nasty, I want the doctor to take just a little bit out and I think it’ll be perfect,” wrote one fan.

Khloe would later turn off comments on the photo.

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