Kelly Ripa Posts A TBT Shot Of Joaquin Consuelos After Sending Lola & Michael To College

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are suffering partial empty nest syndrome since two of their three children have left for college. Lola, 18, and Michael, 22, haven’t gone far, though. They’re only about five miles away from their Manhattan home on the upper Eastside while studying at New York University on the lower Eastside.

That means that Joaquin Conseulos, 16, is Kelly and Mark’s only child still living with his mom and dad while he attends high school. In fact, on Instagram, Kelly talked about her youngest child, while putting up a throwback Thursday snap of the little blond boy who wasn’t too happy to be featured in her photo.

In fact, he looked downright miserable as the young kid stared into the camera while his eyebrows were arched and his mouth was turned down. The reason he had his picture taken for this old photo is that he was ready but not necessarily willing to go off to school for the very first time.

Kelly’s 2.5 million followers couldn’t get enough of her little boy’s pouty face and pretty hair. In the image, Joaquin wore a blue print shirt underneath a gray jacket adorned with zippers while rocking a two-toned blue backpack. At the time, Joaquin held his hands together in front of his new school clothes.

In less than 45 minutes of being upload, this TBT snap of little Joaquin received about 30,000 likes and a slew of comments.

“Omg!! He looks so much like you… now he looks like his dad! said one admirer referring to Kelly and then Mark.

“But so cute and still is! He looks the most like you of all your kids!” stated another fan, who insisted that Joaquin resembles his mom.

“That’s your husband’s face with your blonde hair!” said yet another fan, who added a red heart emoji and a smiley face emoji for effect.

“Awww so cute!!! The same look my son gives me when I ask him if he has homework!!!??? Hahhaa,” remarked yet another follower, as that particular person commiserated with Kelly.

Meanwhile, Kelly also featured Joaquin on Instagram on August 28, too.

She put up a couple of present-day videos as her youngest child sat alone.

“In the videos, Joaquin is covering his face and waving away his mom’s camera as she relentlessly captures his moves. The Live! With Kelly and Ryan star then posted a hilarious caption to the clips as she made fun of Joaquin’s new ‘only child’ status,” as reported by The Inquisitr.

And so, as the school year starts for all three of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’ kids, Joaquin is apparently taking the spotlight away from Lola and Michael for the mere fact that he is the only one of the three who still lives under the same roof as his mom and dad.

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