David Eason’s Ex Starts Fundraiser To Help Keep Her Son Away From Him And Jenelle Evans

David Eason’s ex Olivia Leedham doesn’t want the Teen Mom 2 star to be able to see her and David’s son Kaden because she fears for his safety. According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Olivia created a fundraiser so that friends and family can help her fund an attorney to get full custody of her son.

Olivia and David share custody of son Kaden, but lately, the situation at Jenelle and David’s house has Olivia worried. She wants to take the Teen Mom 2 star to court to get full custody of her kid, and she’s asking friends and family to donate money to help her cause.

Olivia started a GoFundMe fundraiser on her Facebook page to help her continue her 5-year-long battle to protect her son, who is five years old. While her concerns have been ongoing, she said that the reports that David killed his family’s dog, Nugget, after it bit his daughter has her even more worried. In addition, there have been numerous instances of the police being called out to the house.

“When it comes to Kaden’s father, David Eason, I am sincerely concerned about my child being around someone who is extremely volatile,” she wrote on the GoFundMe page. “Domestic violence including 911 calls, animal cruelty in which case a dog was beaten and shot, and much more has all been mentioned to of [SIC] happened at the Eason home.”

Not only that, but Kaden doesn’t want to visit David and doesn’t even want to speak with him.

Olivia, who works as a hairdresser, pleaded with readers to help her continue to fight for her child, saying that she had already spent $50,000 on attorney fees, but the battle isn’t over.

“My family and I are struggling to pay anymore,” she wrote. “I am a single mom of two. I do my best to work as much as I can. I don’t have the means to keep going alone financially within the court system. I am finally reaching out for help.”

David wasn’t allowed to see Kaden for the first several years of his life after Olivia got full custody of him when the reality star was charged with domestic violence against her.

Reportedly, he pushed her when she was eight months pregnant and left her on the side of the road at night.

She filed a restraining order and asked for full custody of her kid. Then, in 2017, she started letting David see Kaden, and eventually, he received partial custody.

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