Kim Kardashian Is Terrified After Finding Huge Spider In Her Garage

Kim Kardashian’s fear of spiders is a recurrent theme both on her reality TV show and on her social media.

And it seems like the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star’s worst nightmare happened on Wednesday: she found a massive spider inside a box in her garage! The massive arachnid, which looked like a tarantula, was just sitting in Kim’s garage, and she documented the whole ordeal on her Instagram Stories.

The 38-year-old posted a few photos of the terrifying encounter, captioning a snap of the spider inside the cardboard box “what in the actual f***,” adding a little GIF of a tarantula.

Then she offered her 147 million followers a close-up of the eight-legged animal, promptly stating she would not “be able to sleep tonight knowing this was in my garage.”

She did not disclose what happened to the spider, but it is highly likely that she had someone get rid of it one way or another.

Kim famously freaked out during an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show because she thought the talk show host was going to play one of her infamous pranks on her and that it would involve a spider. The star said she was “deathly afraid of spiders” and when Ellen pretended to pull out a spider from a little box, she screamed and quickly got up and ran away from the set. She only returned to her guest chair when she was sure the whole thing was a joke, claiming she will “literally cry” if she sees a spider.

The mother of four also made waves on Instagram on Wednesday for something non-phobia related. She posted a clip of herself explaining why she keeps on promoting the teeth whitening product Hi Smile, which many celebrities are known for using.

“I’ve tried hundreds of different teeth whitening products over the years to maintain the whiteness of my teeth but am yet to find anything like [it],” she wrote on her Instagram post.

However, she quickly got slammed by fans, who accused her of promoting a product that she does not entirely believe in just for money without fully disclosing said product is not the only thing behind her perfect smile.

“Do not believe this for a second. She has access to the top dentists and does not spend her days with this in her mouth!” the top comment, which racked up thousands of likes, read, while someone else also pointed out, “You have veneers Kimberley. That’s why they’re white.”

The reality TV star has not addressed any of those claims.

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