WWE Rumors: New Tag Team Created For Specific Reason, Huge Spoiler For ‘Clash Of Champions’

Last week on Monday Night Raw, the unlikely team of Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman won the Raw Tag Team Titles, but they needed new challengers. This week, a huge Tag Team Turmoil match determined the new No. 1 contenders and that ended up being a makeshift team of Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. It has now been revealed that they were put together for an interesting reason and may have great success at Clash of Champions.

The Tag Team Turmoil match was huge and there were some veteran teams vying for that title shot, but the victory wasn’t theirs to have. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode partnered together for the first time and ended up outlasting them all to grab the coveted chance to face Rollins and Strowman.

Some fans have been curious as to why a random tag team would win the title shot while true teams missed out. According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of Ringside News, it all has to do with Braun Strowman and who can work best with him in the ring.

Dave Meltzer reports that WWE isn’t looking to have a team like Heavy Machinery go up against Strowman and Rollins on a pay-per-view. They know Ziggler and Roode will be able to work around Strowman and make for a really good match on a big event such as Clash of Champions.

Making things even more interesting is that this quickly-thrown-together team of Ziggler and Roode could turn into fast success. Meltzer is also reporting that the Raw Tag Team Championship match could take place early on the card for the PPV and result in a title change which would play into a match later in the night.

“They tried to make Robert Roode and Ziggler into a team in one night as tag team title challengers and probably winners because you’ve gotta figure that Strowman and Seth aren’t going to be long-term champions, maybe not, but you’ve gotta think that they’ll implode and those guys will win to set up the match later in the show against each other.”

This actually makes a lot of sense as it creates more tension and build for the WWE Universal Championship match and moves the titles off of them. Getting the belts onto a team such as Roode and Ziggler makes for an interesting storyline and allows the titles to be the focus of a team instead of a building block in a feuding partners program.

With a couple of weeks to go until Clash of Champions, it will be interesting to see how things are built up with the Raw Tag Titles. Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman aren’t expected to lose the belts before the pay-per-view, but Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode will likely walk out of the event with them.

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