‘One Piece’ Episode 900 Spoilers, Preview: Luffy, Zoro Clash With Beast Pirates’ Gifters, Otama Kidnapped!

The latest episode of the One Piece Wano arc featured the conclusion of the battle between Monkey D. Luffy And Roronoa Zoro of the Straw Hat Pirates and Beast Pirates headliner Basil Hawkins. After Zoro defeated the giant straw man, Hawkins ordered his men to stop their pursuit of the Straw Hat Pirates. By drawing another card, Hawkins predicted that someone would help Luffy and Zoro escape.

In One Piece Episode 899, Luffy and Zoro met the woman that was being chased by the Beast Pirates. As a way of showing his gratitude, the woman named Tsuru offered to take care of Otama and treat Zoro’s wounds. Based on the preview, One Piece Episode 900, which is titled “The Greatest Day of My Life! Otama and Her Sweet Red-bean Soup!,” is set to show Tsuru telling Luffy and Zoro the “cruel reality” of the Land of Wano.

“Polluted soil! People in tears! Otsuru reveals the cruel reality of the Land of Wano! When the taste of tears, becomes a sweet red-bean soup, the promise between Luffy and Otama opens the future for the Land of Wano!”

The people in the Land of Wano were leaving peacefully under the rule of Lord Kozuki Oden, but things dramatically changed when he was overthrown by Emperor Kaido and the Beast Pirates. When the Beast Pirates turned the Land of Wano into one of their territories, people who remained loyal to the Kozuki clan were either imprisoned, enslaved, or killed. As revealed in the previous episodes of One Piece, only those people affiliated with the Beast Pirates were given the chance to live a decent life. They can do whatever they want and get fresh food on the farm.

Instead of giving their leftovers to the poor, they were sold in Okobore Town to people like Tsuru. One Piece Episode 900 is set to feature Tsuru making sweet red bean soup for Otama. After drinking the medicinal herbs made by Tsuru and Okiku, Otama immediately regained her energy. At first, she refused to eat the sweet red bean soup, but Tsuru managed to convince her. After tasting the food, Otama considered that moment the greatest day of her life.

One Piece Episode 900 will feature Luffy promising Otama that after they free the Land of Wano from Emperor Kaido and the Beast Pirates, she and all the people will be able to eat until their bellies are full. However, just when everyone thought that they are already safe, the Beast Pirates arrived at Tsuru’s teahouse and engaged in a fight with Luffy and Zoro. While they are fighting, Otama is also set to be kidnapped by the men who are serving Urashima.

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