‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kendra Is Keeping An Eye On Alexis As Fans Speculate About Her Background

During Monday’s episode of General Hospital, viewers got their first glimpse of actress Michelle Argyris in the new and somewhat mysterious role of Kendra. It did not take long for fans to start speculating about Kendra’s background and motives, and spoilers suggest that Alexis might be facing some problems thanks to Kendra in the weeks ahead.

In a recent episode, viewers watched as Shiloh made a phone call to share some scoop on Alexis. It seems that he has decided to try to use the information Kristina shared in her Dawn of Day pledge to his advantage, and there is now a mystery woman who seems to be involved.

Viewers have seen that there is a mystery woman who has been checking out Alexis via a tablet. This woman also seems to be the person Shiloh called and now she has magically popped up in-person in Alexis’ life.

During Monday’s show, it would seem that the mystery woman has turned out to be Kendra, the new personal trainer. Fans immediately started to speculate that there is much more to Kendra than being just a personal trainer and theories started to swirl across Twitter.

One popular guess is that perhaps Kendra is Kiefer’s sister. As General Hospital fans know, Kiefer was Kristina’s abusive boyfriend years ago.

Alexis accidentally hit and killed him as she was rushing Krissy to the hospital after an intense fight between the teens. More recently, Kristina said in her DOD pledge that her mom had hit him on purpose. That wasn’t really the case, but as far as Shiloh is concerned, he’s got some juicy information on Alexis that could cause her a lot of trouble.

Back when this all aired about a decade ago, viewers did see Kiefer’s parents Warren and Melinda. In fact, as SheKnows Soaps detailed, Warren went crazy after Kiefer’s death and shot Mac and Ethan and tried to kill Michael and Kristina. Mac shot him and he died.

It doesn’t seem that there was any mention of a sister back at this time. However, it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that someone would harbor a lot of hostility toward Alexis if she believed that Alexis had intentionally killed Kiefer, which also set in motion Warren’s death.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that there is much more on the way with this mysterious Kendra. Some fans wonder if she might end up being a Dawn of Day member, and others threw out an even more enticing note. Argyris certainly looks like she could be a Davis girl, and a new surprise family member would certainly shake things up in a big way.

Viewers are not necessarily looking to see any new characters popping up to rattle people in Port Charles even further than what’s already been happening. The Kiefer situation happened many years ago and given all of Shiloh’s current challenges, it’s not necessarily clear why bringing this up would be a top priority for him.

Whether viewers like it or not, though, it would appear that this new character of Kendra will be keeping a close eye on Alexis for the foreseeable future. Will the writers successfully manage to draw in fans with this new character and upcoming storyline? Additional General Hospital spoilers regarding where this is headed should emerge soon and everybody will be curious to see what’s on the way.

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