Week 4 ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers: The Ladies Go Wild Over John Paul Jones & Jealous Feelings Cause Chaos

Monday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise will be filled with relationship hurdles, according to the latest spoilers. Specifically, new teasers suggest that additional ladies will be vying for John Paul Jones’ attention, and this could become a deal-breaker for Tayshia Adams.

Last week, viewers watched as JPJ and Tayshia flirted and started to focus on just one another. However, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers hint that this pairing will run into a lot of trouble with Monday’s episode.

Viewers already saw Jen Saviano, Kristian Haggerty, and Caitlin Clemmens come down to the beach to shake up existing romances. Now Bachelor in Paradise spoilers from Reality Steve indicate that Haley Ferguson and Tahzjuan Hawkins will be arriving as well.

Tahzjuan was from Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor, while Haley and her twin sister, Emily, first appeared on Ben Higgins’ run. Apparently, both ladies are anxious to spend time with John Paul Jones, and this kicks off some crazy drama.

A sneak peek posted to the show’s Instagram page shares a bit of what’s to come. JPJ has very strong feelings for Tayshia, and he’s willing to focus solely on her. However, she’ll admit that she doesn’t want him to put all his eggs in one basket, and she encourages him to head out on another date. He decides to go for it, and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that things will get steamy.

Reality Steve’s spoilers reveal that JPJ will go on a date with Tahzjuan first, and she will be quite smitten with him. Later, he goes on a date with Haley, and previews have teased that things get quite flirtatious between the two of them. This will make Tahzjuan incredibly jealous, and additional sneak peeks suggest that she perhaps simply isn’t cut out for Bachelor in Paradise.

At some point, Tahzjuan and Haley apparently get into something of a battle. It seems that Tahzjuan called Haley a name and ends up going a bit crazy, and this will eventually lead to Tahzjuan not getting a rose and heading home again.

As JPJ soaks up all of this attention from the new ladies, Tayshia will be pursuing other options as well. Derek Peth was disappointed to learn that Demi Burnett wants to stick with her girlfriend from home, Kristian Haggerty, leaving him on his own again. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers hint that he’ll turn his attention to Tayshia, and she will be interested.

ABC details that viewers will also see some drama involving Caitlin and Kristina Schulman during Monday’s show, and Katie Morton will get emotional over the idea she may have lost Chris Bukowski to Jen. Caelynn Miller-Keyes will worry that she may end up getting hurt by Dean Unglert, and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers signal that fans will be left hanging at this point at the end of Monday’s show.

Tuesday’s episode will be jam-packed as well. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers detail that this is the show where viewers and contestants will see Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson’s wedding, and there is more drama coming for existing relationships. It’s not clear whether viewers will even get a rose ceremony this week, as episode descriptions seem to suggest that another one won’t be shown until next Monday.

The Season 6 finale is just a couple of weeks away, and teasers suggest that viewers have a lot to look forward to over the course of the next few shows. As The Inquisitr recently shared, Reality Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that there are a handful of romances in place now thanks to the filming of this wild season, and everybody will get real-time updates soon.

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