Johnny Galecki Doesn’t Rule Out A Return To ‘The Conners’ For ‘One Or Two More Stories’

Johnny Galecki, who played a supporting character on Roseanne for years and then later returned as the same character for the ABC revival of the show, now known as The Conners, hinted that he might return to the rebooted show for an episode or two.

As Yahoo Entertainment reports, Galecki posted on Instagram on Sunday that he may not be done with The Conners just yet. In his post, his character, David Healy, could be seen awkwardly trying to put on a pair of pants with the help of his costars Laurie Metcalf (as the character Jackie) and Sarah Gilbert (as the character Darlene). Taking the pants theme and making a pun out of it, Galecki hinted that there may be more of him, in the role of David, in future episodes.

“I may be putting the (literal/figurative) pants of #davidhealy back on for one or two more stories on @theconnersabc this year.”

Way back in 1992, Galecki was an up-and-coming actor who, though he worked on the ABC sitcom Billy, took a guest role on Roseanne, as David Healy, the love interest of Darlene Connor. Soon, he’d been made a regular cast member, and remained with the show until it ended in 1997.

In 2018, ABC rebooted Roseanne, but it only lasted a season in its new form; the reboot was canceled after star Roseanne Barr made racist remarks on Twitter. After a few weeks of uncertainty, ABC renamed the show The Conners, with the same cast, but without Roseanne, whose character was written out.

At the time, Galecki was working on The Big Bang Theory, a lead role in one of the most popular sitcoms in the history of television, and was earning a paycheck that made him one of the highest-paid stars in the TV industry, as Forbes reported in March.

Galecki was brought on to reprise his role as David, now portrayed as the estranged father of Darlene’s two children. And now that The Big Bang Theory has wrapped up for good, it looks like fans will be seeing more of David in the next season of The Conners, if not even into later seasons as well.

Speaking to Parade in March, Galecki spoke about how easy it was to get back into the role of David, 20 years after the fact.

“It was creepy how quickly David reemerged. Most of it was putting the boots back on, but it was downright creepy. These characters reside in you,” he said.

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