‘Melania Loves Trudeau’ Trends On Twitter As Intriguing Photo Circulates

President Donald Trump received quite a surprise when he opened his Twitter app this morning. The hashtag “Melania loves Trudeau” trended on the popular social media platform after a picture of first lady Melania Trump with Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greeting each other with a kiss circulated online.

Trudeau and Melania exchanged a European double cheek kiss in greeting at the G7 summit, according to a report from InStyle Magazine. In the image, the U.S. first lady gazed lovingly at the Canadian prime minister while she held the hand of her husband, President Trump. While the whole thing is likely innocent, people still started talking about the stark contrast the picture posed.

People throughout the country took a moment to take a jab at the president and the first lady when the picture surfaced. Some even teased that perhaps Melania hoped to move to Canada to escape the Trump administration.

“Looks like even Melania is thinking of an escape plan to Canada,” tweeted Sirius XM radio host Dean Obeidallah.

Others couldn’t help but feel they were being mean but decided to post anyway despite the first lady’s campaign encouraging people to “be best.”

“I wish I was a bigger person and didn’t like this so much,” wrote British Labour Party political activist Blair McDougall.

From some angles, the picture certainly looked a bit less innocent than the situation really was. Body language expert Patti Wood, who authored Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma explained why. According to Wood, the Trumps don’t hold hands the way many affectionate couples hold hands. Instead, the hand holding is a requirement in their relationship. Plus, the first lady was hinged away from her husband in the picture and inside the prime minister’s personal space, which isn’t the norm for double kiss greetings.

“She’s less than I would say 8 inches from Trudeau’s body. She’s out and close up, way inside the intimate zone of space. It’s unusual that she’s not separating out from him to do that kiss,” said Wood.

However, the thing that caught most people’s attention about the photo is the look on Melania Trump’s face. The first lady appeared to enjoy kissing the prime minister, which some found shocking.

“The body language is that of a romantic kiss,” Wood revealed.

Finally, President Trump does not look happy about the kiss his wife chose to bestow on Trudeau during the formal photo opportunity. Many things about the image appear to suggest that Melania loves Trudeau perhaps more than her husband, which is why the hashtag trended today.

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