‘One Piece’ Episode 899 Spoilers: Zoro Defeats Hawkins’ Straw Man, Emperor Kaido Appears

One Piece Episode 899, which is titled “Defeat is Inevitable! Straw Man’s Fierce Attack!” started with Beast Pirates headliner Basil Hawkins and his subordinates chasing Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro of the Straw Hat Pirates. Hawkins drew a card from his deck and got “The Hierophant – The Card if Pursuit.”

Using the card, Hawkins was able to command the giant straw man he created to pursue and attack Luffy and Zoro.

Luffy and Zoro are preparing to fight the giant straw man, but Pirate Hunter told his captain to take care of Otama and let him deal with the enemy himself. With the help of his devil fruit power, Hawkins could control the giant straw man, who used a big club and nails as weapons. Every time Zoro succeeded to land a critical strike against the giant straw man, Hawkins’ subordinates were going down one by one.

One Piece Episode 899 featured Zoro and Hawkins leveling up their powers. Zoro added muscles in his arms, while Hawkins unleashed more powerful magics. Hawkins was able to damage Zoro when he commanded the giant straw man to release the nails hidden in its mouth. Zoro took the fight more seriously and launched “two-sword style Nigiri – Tower Climb Ripple.”

Zoro succeeded to cut the arm of the giant straw man, together with the big club.

After the giant straw man was taken down, his subordinates told Hawkins that they should chase Luffy and Zoro. However, Hawkins stopped them. One Piece Episode 899 showed Hawkins drawing another card which predicted that someone would appear and help Luffy and Zoro escape. Knowing the accuracy of his cards, Hawkins and his subordinates decided to end their pursuit of the Straw Hat Pirates.

In the latest episode of One Piece, Zoro once again met the woman he saved from the hands of the Beast Pirates. The woman named Tsuru showed herself at the back of the giant dog. Tsuru revealed that while Zoro was fighting the giant straw man, she’s hiding in the giant dog’s tail. As a way of returning the favor, Tsuru offered to take care of Otama and treat Zoro’s wounds. Tsuru told Luffy and Zoro that she has medicinal herbs in her teahouse that could help Otama easily recover from her sickness.

It only took a matter of time before they arrived at the teahouse where they met Tsuru’s waitress, Okiku. Okiku was having a conversation with Urashima, who proclaimed himself as the No. 1 sumo wrestler in the Land of Wano. Urashima was about to engage in a fight with Zoro, but he immediately backed down after the Pirates Hunter gave him a death stare.

The final scenes of One Piece Episode 899 featured Beast Pirates captain Kaido, one of the Four Emperors of the Sea who is considered as the strongest creature in the world. Emperor Kaido is calmly drinking sake at Onigashima without knowing that a member of the Worst Generation arrived in the Land of Wano to take his head.

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