‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kim Asks Julian To Marry Her After Being Rattled By Franco

Franco is still walking around with Drew’s memories, and this week on General Hospital, things are becoming more real. Kim is planning on leaving town with Julian. The sooner the better for her, despite Julian not feeling as rushed as she is to get out of Port Charles. Now it’s even more imperative that she escapes with Franco walking around with Drew’s memories and trying to pursue her.

Kim may be getting ready to say goodbye as Soap Central indicates that she will be visiting Oscar’s Meadow this week. Her son is the real reason that she feels that she can no longer live there without him. Julian loves her enough to go with her to a new home in New York City. He didn’t hesitate to offer to leave everything in Port Charles to go with Kim. However, he isn’t ready to say goodbye right away.

The week of August 26 on General Hospital will prove to get even more interesting in Kim and Julian’s relationship. According to the print version of Soap Opera Digest, Kim will be asking Julian to marry her. The hasty decision is said to be because of Drew’s memories coming to the surface, thanks to Franco.

The situation with Franco thinking that he is in love with Kim instead of his actual wife, Elizabeth, has both women rattled and confused. Liz is not giving up on her husband to get his memories back, but Kim is living with those fresh memories of the man that she loved, and is most likely still in love with.

In Kim’s mind, being married to another man may just be her answer, but it may just give Julian some pause into what is really going on. Franco will no doubt bring her even more angst if he finds out that she is about to marry another man.

Also this week, look for Kim to avoid any contact with Elizabeth. Her memories of her past with Drew has brought up those feelings. She is likely feeling guilty and not wanting to answer any questions from Franco’s wife. This complicated situation has not only thrown Kim, Liz, and Scott for a loop but now Julian’s life is being turned upside down as well.

There is much more to come and plenty more drama that awaits these coming weeks as Franco’s family searches for a way to get his own memories back. Will Julian say yes to Kim’s proposal? Keep watching General Hospital this week to see what his reaction will be.

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