Kindle Fire HD Becomes Game Console With Help From Green Throttle

The Kindle Fire HD is now able to make an entry into the console gaming world with the help of Green Throttle. The gaming service is able to do this by putting out an application that hooks up to your television screen and an Atlas control pad.

In reality, the gaming service can actually turn any Android device into a makeshift gaming console but the Kindle Fire HD seems to be the best choice for the job. Green Throttle was designed and put together by Guitar Hero co-creator Charles Huang and former Nokia executive Matt Crowley.

The gaming service is being openly touted by its creators as an alternative to the gaming devices like Ouya and Project Shield. Using the Atlas game pad, which looks quite a bit like a Microsoft Xbox 360 controller, you can play any game that is available on the Green Throttle service.

You first simply need to download the Green Throttle application to your Kindle Fire HD and then connect that tablet to your television using your run of the mill HDMI cable. Once everything is set up, you will see a home screen that also looks quite a bit like Microsoft Windows 8, complete with different tiles.

Using the Atlas game pad you can go to town playing any of the games the application offers. For now, that isn’t all that many games, but the developers have said that more are coming down the pike. This particular gaming platform even allows you to play with your friends just like you would if you were using an Xbox 360.

The tech involved in the setup can easily detect as many as four different controllers so you and your friends can go head-to-head in the games offered. The Green Throttle Arena is free to download though the Atlas controllers are $39.99 a piece or $89.99 for a combo pack.

Will you be trying to user the Kindle Fire HD as a game console with the help of Green Throttle?

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