Monday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny & Carly Renew Their Vows

General Hospital is set to have one of the soap’s favorite couples get married–again. Sonny and Carly Corinthos decided to renew their wedding vows, with the festivities happening on Monday, August 26. Their family will be getting together for an intimate ceremony.

The previews that were shown on Monday had Carly asking her husband if they were “ready to do this.” She is excited to be sharing her love for the mobster right before their new baby is born. TV Insider shared some exclusive photos of the Corinthos family all dressed up ready to watch their loved ones renew their vows. Carly is wearing a sleeveless flowery dress with her huge baby bump showing.

Their daughters, Joss and Kristina, and son, Michael, are all in the photo with little Avery front and center looking adorable. Of course, Bobbie is there, along with Sam and Jason. Mike was able to make it as he is standing right next to his son in the photo. Dev is also there pretending to be Sonny’s cousin.

The whole family will be celebrating this special event. Sonny and Carly have been through a lot in their torrid past, but they have stuck it out and are now expecting another child, which General Hospital fans are a bit divided on. This pregnancy storyline was a little unexpected. In the beginning, fans thought that maybe this would lead to a miscarriage, but it appears that this baby will be born soon.

This will be a happy time for Sonny and Carly, but there is expected to be some tough times ahead with their baby being born with spina bifida. Carly is fearful for what the future holds for her child and for their family.

General Hospital spoilers also say on Monday that Chase will be crashing a family gathering. That sounds like he will be showing up at Sonny’s door at some point. There are no details on what that is all about. However, sometime during the week, Sonny and Michael will be heading to the PCPD. What will take them there?

It likely has something to do with Shiloh since it looks like he may be getting out of Pentonville soon, thanks to Peter August. Or maybe something actually happens to Shiloh before he gets a chance to get out of prison. Whatever the case may be, there is bound to be some sort of trouble ahead for the Corinthos family.

Be sure to watch General Hospital on Monday to see Sonny and Carly renew their vows.

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