Toddy Smith Of David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad To Publish A Book

By now, just about everyone has heard of the infamous group of 20-something comedians living in Los Angeles. The group of pals is called the Vlog Squad and is led by a 23-year-old millionaire named David Dobrik. Dobrik started his career in comedy on the once-popular app Vine. He then began making vlogs and posting them on YouTube. In no time, he had accumulated a massive following and was getting major brand deals on a regular basis. He’s carried his friends along for the ride, helping each of them reach their own career dreams. Toddy Smith of the Vlog Squad has recently announced that he and his best friend Darren Nuzzo are releasing a book, according to Tube Filter.

In addition to being a standup comedian and piano played, Smith also does live shows alongside his famous friends. His upcoming book, entitled I’ll Give You A Dollar If You Consider This Art, is a collection of short stories and illustrations. It will include testimonials from Dobrik himself as well as fellow famous YouTuber, Casey Neistat. The book is being published by Tallfellow Press is available for pre-sale.

A press released regarding the publication says that it will “strike the artful balance between intellectual acuity and lighthearted absurdity. like you’re scrolling through Twitter or two drinks in at a comedy club; other times it will feel like you’re at the public library or your local art gallery…From light and humorous to sad and dark, the book captures the times we’re living in now while paying respect to the works that came before.”

Smith has 4 million fans throughout his various social media profiles. He has had partnerships in the past with major companies such as Calvin Klein and Smirnoff. He, like many of the other members of the Vlog Squad, also sells his own merch line, entitled Gothic Mochas.

Smith discussed his new book in a recent Instagram post. He admitted he never would have considered himself as someone who could publish a book. It was really social media that helped him unlock his more creative side.

“I never would have thought that posting tldr Instagram captions would turn into a passion for literature, a commitment to the craft of writing, and a four year date with my desk and the pages that came from those early mornings and late nights. My soul is on these pages.”

The book is set to be released in October.

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