‘Big Brother 21’ Spoilers: Zingbot Delivers Some Insults That Bothered The Houseguests

Warning: This article contains mild spoilers from Big Brother Season 21.


Zingbot has officially made his way into the Big Brother house for Season 21. Every year the roast slinging robot makes his way through the front door to insult the houseguests one by one. After Saturday evening’s Power of Veto (POV) competition, some of the roommates began discussing what Zingbot said to them, and not everyone was laughing.

Big Brother spoiler account @BB_Updates documented the Zingbot conversations on Twitter, and almost all of them were revealed ahead of the episode. Jackson Michie apparently remembers his word for word and repeated it to his showmance partner Holly Allen shortly after it happened.

“Should I call you Jackson, should I call you Michie, or should I just call you what you are, a pompous douchebag? Zing,” the robot said.

Holly also mentioned that she got called “an old buzzard” which prompted Jackson to remind her that she was beautiful. While she doesn’t know it at this time, Holly has been discussed on social media by some viewers who believe she looks much older than her age.

Nicole Anthony also commented to Jessica Milagros that she was “a loser with no friends,” suggesting Zingbot had said that to her earlier in the night. Jessica also said she was called a “snooze fest” and noted that it’s because she doesn’t say things in the diary room that production tells her to. Jessica then called Zingbot a “big bully.”

It looks like Zingbot also took a jab at Cliff Hogg’s body.

“If the only thing they have got to make fun of is this (body)…they aren’t going to body-shame me,” Cliff said to Christie Murphy.

Christie then said she was made fun of for the way that she eats.

“If my sloppy eating and my chewing of my food is the biggest thing they have got on me, I am cool with that,” she noted.

Christie has also been torn apart on social media for how she eats and chews her food, with many viewers commenting that it grosses them out. The New Jersey-native takes very large bites of food and over chews which made her the perfect target for Zingbot.

At this time, Nick Maccarone and Tommy Bracco have not commented on what Zingbot has said to them. Nick has the potential to be poked at for the way he flirts with Tommy in the house.

The Zingbot episode is expected to play out this Sunday or Wednesday.

Big Brother airs every Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday nights on CBS.

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