A 5-Year-Old’s Hilarious First Day Of School Photos Go Viral

Everyone knows that the first day of school is a big deal. It’s an even bigger deal when you’re only 5-years-old and have never been to school before. Jillian Falconer is a mother of four who lives outside of Glasgow, Scotland. Her youngest child Lucie recently headed off to school for the first time ever. Jillian, of course, snapped a photo of the little girl before she left for the day. She then took another photo of her little girl when she arrived home after being at school all day. Just how different these two photos look is making people laugh across the globe, according to Today.

In the first photo, little Lucie appears well put together and ready to go. She smiles broadly and looks excited for the adventures that await her at school. The little girl appears quite poised in her black and yellow school uniform which consists of a collared shirt, skirt, sweater, dress socks, and shoes, and even a striped tie. Her hair is brushed and pulled back neatly with a matching bow.

The second photo is a stark difference. Lucie looks comically disheveled. Her bow has fallen down and her hair is in disarray. The little girl’s sweater hangs off one shoulder and one of her socks has fallen down. In place of her earlier smile, the little girl looks exhausted and somewhat stressed.

When Lucie’s father asked her mother how well the little girl’s first day had gone, Jillian sent him the two photos. They got a kick out of the images and shared them on their personal social media pages. Before long, their friends and family had shared them too and the post went absolutely viral.

When asked about what her daughter had gone through that day that caused her to look so stressed, Jillian responded, “I think she was just excited to see her friends after the summer break. Nothing specific happened.”

Jillian could hardly believe how much attention the photos have been getting online. But she understands why people even nations away are getting a kick out of it.

“I presume because it’s relatable. Anyone can relate to it, either going to school or after a night out. It’s a before-or-after I think adults can relate to because of that, and parents can relate to it because their kids may come home in the same state.”

Lucie is reportedly a shy child but has been enjoying the attention from her Internet stardom.

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