’90 Day Fiancé’: Darcey Silva Breaks Down In Front Of New British Boyfriend

Darcey Silva has returned to reality television, this time with her new British boyfriend, Tom Brooks. Silva is now appearing on her third season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, and hopes her relationship with Brooks will be better than her past relationships, including the one with Jesse Meester, which was documented on the first two seasons of the TLC reality series.

During the show’s current season, viewers watched as Silva prepared to fly to London to meet Brooks for the first time. After finally meeting the man of her dreams, things got quite emotional for the mother-of-two — and not in a good way, according to a report from E! News.

In a teaser clip for an upcoming episode, Silva is seen chatting while having a glass of wine with Brooks.

“There’s something about you, you just have this amazing debonairness,” she says to Brooks. “I’ve never met a guy like you. Honestly, I’ve never been treated like this.”

When Silva arrived in London, she was informed that Brooks had arranged a car to pick her up from the airport and take her to a fancy restaurant for the couple’s first date. During dinner, Brooks revealed he rented her a cozy place to stay because he didn’t want to assume she’d be ready to share a bed with him. Brooks has also promised to whisk Silva away on a romantic getaway to the Canary Islands off the coast of northwestern Africa on a yacht. These acts of kindness have clearly made Silva emotional, but Brooks doesn’t seem to understand the big deal.

“This is just, like, normal,” he responds. “You’re funny, you’re attractive, you’re intelligent, you’re beautiful. You know, who have you been choosing?”

At this point, Silva is completely in tears and tries to apologize for her reaction, but it’s too late.

“Darcey is a very emotional person. It’s something I’m not used to. It’s something that I don’t particularly find attractive,” Brooks tells the producers during his interview. “It’s supposed to be, like, first date scenario. It’s supposed to fun.”

While Silva seems to be enthralled by Brooks, his kindness, and his luxurious lifestyle, the mother-of-two may want to think twice before walking down the aisle. According to a report from Soap Dirt, Brooks was recently accused of posting fake photos to create the appearance that he’s been living “the lifestyle of the rich and famous.” The report claims that the 39-year-old businessman might be intentionally misrepresenting himself to fans, and possibly to Silva.

After being confronted about posting other people’s images to his own profile, Brooks claimed the posts were a part of “paid promotions,” then later removed all the unauthorized photos.

TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days airs on Sundays.

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