WWE News: Championship Changes Hands During A Founder’s Day Event For Fox

When a championship is on the line, it’s usually quite the big deal and can typically be a match that is a huge part of a pay-per-view. Other times, titles may be on the line on WWE television shows, such as Monday Night Raw or SmackDown Live, but that is still a rather big deal. In the case of the WWE 24/7 Championship, you could be in your car, on the golf course, or even attending a promotional event and see your title taken from you.

When Mick Foley introduced the 24/7 Championship, fans knew it was going to create situations that were rather strange. It’s true that the title may not be overly prestigious, but it is something that has created a lot of entertainment and interesting title changes.

On Friday, WWE was at the Fox Sports Founders Day event, which should not come as a surprise. In early October, SmackDown Live is moving to Friday nights and will air on Fox thanks to a mega-deal made between the two companies that will see a lot of money switch hands.

At the Founders Day event, 24/7 Champion Elias was doing an appearance and put on one of his concerts. If you’re a WWE fan, you know that his concerts usually end up running for a short period of time before being interrupted by someone.

The official Twitter account of WWE showed that this was going to remain true, even though Elias wasn’t in a ring or even in an arena.

During his concert, Elias was interrupted by Drake Maverick, who came out through the crowd and wanted to get his shot at the title. Security held him back and wouldn’t allow him near the stage, but that didn’t stop Elias from standing up and telling Maverick to get out of the area.

While he was distracted, R-Truth quietly crept in from behind, rolled up Elias, and captured the WWE 24/7 Championship yet again. After winning the title and running off, Maverick tried to corner R-Truth to get the belt for himself, but he was not successful.

As a matter of fact, Maverick ended up in a dunk tank and title-less.

Elias won the WWE 24/7 Championship almost two weeks ago on Monday Night Raw, and he’s been saved a lot thanks to the title rules being suspended. Seeing as he was nowhere near Shane McMahon, “The Drifter” could not be saved this time and lost the title to R-Truth, who won it for a record 13th time.

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