‘Big Brother 21’ Houseguests Struggle To Figure Out Who Is America’s Prankster

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Big Brother Season 21.

The remaining houseguests on Season 21 of Big Brother are struggling to figure out which player among them is America’s Prankster. The new twist was revealed after Thursday night’s live episode, explaining that the prankster would nominate one houseguest for eviction with the Head of Household (HOH) nominating the other.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Nick Maccarone was dubbed as America’s Prankster after he thanked the viewers for the power they granted him yesterday. Nick ended up nominating Christie Murphy for eviction, while Holly Allen nominated Nick himself.

The houseguests are now privy to the nomination by the prankster and they are actively trying to figure out who was granted the secret power by America. As of Saturday afternoon, Nick doesn’t appear to be the houseguest that everyone is suspecting.

Jackson Michie and Holly think Nicole Anthony is the prankster. Nicole is the only other houseguest they believe that would nominate Christie at this time. Nicole and Nick are also incredibly tight and Nick has made it clear that Christie is his number one target in the house, giving Jackson and Holly another reason to suspect their red-headed roommate.


Christie also revealed to several of the other houseguests that she thinks Nicole is the prankster as well.

“My initial instinct was Nicole (being America’s Prankster). The second time she came out of the DR, she said ‘I can’t believe I just got emotional about our table.’ Was anybody else asked about our table? Nobody I spoke to was,” Christie told Jackson, Holly and Tommy Bracco.

Many of the houseguests also feel like Nicole is well-liked by America and was probably given the power based on that fact. Nick actually is not well-received by many of the live feeds viewers, suggesting he was given the power just to stir up some drama, and also so Christie, who is also not another favorite of the viewers, would go up on the block.

Nick also has the power to put up a replacement nominee should himself or Christie get pulled down off the block. For now, it doesn’t appear as if the houseguests know that the prankster has that power, and since Nick has kept his identity a secret, he has not discussed with anyone who he would put up as a replacement at this time.

Big Brother airs every Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday nights on CBS.

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