Rod Stewart Holds An Unconventional Family Reunion, Poses For Photo With Four Of His Exes

Rod Stewart is apparently cool with all of his exes.

The legendary singer posed for a very unusual family photo this week, standing beside all four of the mothers of his children — his first wife Alan Stewart, ex-girlfriend Kelly Emberg, second wife Rachel Hunter, and his third and current wife, Penny Lancaster-Stewart. Emberg shared the photo on Instagram this week, sparking some viral interest across the internet.

As USA Today noted, the only one missing was the mother to his oldest child, Sarah, who was born in 1963 and raised by adoptive parents. Stewart has said that the daughter was the result of a teenage affair and that she was put up for adoption just after birth. Stewart said he lost touch with the girl’s mother, who didn’t want to be part of their daughter’s life, though Rod and Sarah were able to re-connect later in life.

Stewart and his exes had come together this week to celebrate the 40th birthday of daughter Kimberly Stewart and stopped to pose for plenty of photos that have now gotten interest across social media and in celebrity news outlets.

Things weren’t always so great between Rod Stewart and his exes. Back in 2013, the singer revealed that he had regrets about the way his relationships had ended and hinted that he bore most of the blame for how they ended.

But Stewart said that he believes he overcame the issues, especially by the time he married second wife Rachel Hunter.

“I can have confrontation with a bloke but never with a woman, I just have to run away from it,” Stewart told the Telegraph.

“It’s sad, its shallow, and I’m embarrassed about it. But it was a long time ago. I was loyal to Rachel for seven years, and I’ve been with Penny for 13. I think I was always looking for that perfect woman, who obviously doesn’t exist. I wanted to be married. I wanted more kids. I’m a family man, at heart.”

As People magazine noted, the family reunion this week was only a brief break for the 74-year-old singer who refuses to quit the business he loves. Rod is headed out to California for a pair of upcoming concerts, then going to Las Vegas for more shows in his residency there before embarking on a tour of the U.K. in November and December. There’s no word on when Rod and his exes may get the chance to meet up again.

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