Colton Underwood Responds To Rude Comment Regarding Demi Burnett’s Recent Coming Out

Demi Burnett built a name for herself as the confident blonde from Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor. She exuded a tough demeanor and didn’t let anyone stand in the way of her pursuing a relationship with Underwood. The tough exterior was broken when she ultimately did fall in love with Underwood and revealed her feelings to him. Unfortunately, he didn’t feel the same way and she left the show brokenhearted, according to Yahoo News. Even though Burnett and Underwood’s romantic relationship wasn’t meant to be, they continue to support one another off-television.

Burnett was granted a second chance to find love on Bachelor in Paradise, the popular summer spinoff show. Within a short amount of time, Burnett fostered a deep connection with Derek Peth. However, she later admitted she had lingering feelings for someone back home. This individual happens to be a woman named Kristian Haggerty. Burnett’s public coming out as bisexual made quite a few headlines. She is the first person in Bachelor nation history to do so. Reactions have been fairly mixed, some congratulating her and praising her for her bravery, while others have made hateful comments towards her online.

One of the most recent comments about Burnett’s sexuality took a dig at her former suitor Underwood.

“I don’t blame @demi_burnett for wanting to date / fall in love with a girl after @colton. I probably would too. #BachelorInParadise #BIP.” the Twitter user wrote.

Underwood made sure to respond.

“It’s sad that this is your take away in all of this. Your response is ignorant,” he replied to the insensitive remark.

During the most recent episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Haggerty surprised Burnett my making an appearance in paradise. It was then in an emotional moment that Burnett realized Haggerty was the person she most wanted to pursue a relationship with. She broke things off with Peth but revealed that she and Haggerty would both remain in paradise in an effort to work on their relationship and grow stronger together.

It’s not yet been revealed whether or not Burnett and Haggerty are still together or whether or not she found lasting love on the beach. However, Burnett appears to be all smiles in a recent interview.

“Paradise was amazing. It was so fun, so emotional, but ultimately all worth it. [It’s] very, very good. It’s drama that you just get to sit back and watch,” she said, encouraging fans to tune in.

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