WWE Rumors: Big Update On The Undertaker’s Wrestling Status And Upcoming Appearances

Over the last couple of months, WWE fans have been graced with much more of The Undertaker than they could have imagined. He came back for a first-time ever match against Goldberg and teamed with Roman Reigns for a tag match at Extreme Rules. Now, it is known that “The Deadman” will be back soon for more appearances, but there is a huge update on what exactly he’ll be doing during his return to television.

In June, The Undertaker faced off against Goldberg at WWE Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia, and it wasn’t an ideal match. Yes, it was one legend versus another, but a mid-match injury to Goldberg led to the final few minutes of the match being a complete debacle.

After that, Taker returned to WWE television and unexpectedly saved Roman Reigns against the attack of Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre. That storyline led to a tag team match at Extreme Rules which fans ended up loving, but The Undertaker hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

We do know that The Undertaker will be on the 20th anniversary show of SmackDown Live for the show’s debut on FOX, but he’s now coming back a bit earlier too. Wrestling Inc. is scheduled for the episode of SmackDown Live on September 10, 2019, but it’s difficult to know exactly what he will be doing.

There has been no hint as to what WWE has planned for Taker and he’s not scheduled for the Clash of Champions pay-per-view on September 15. It’s interesting that the legend is going to be on one of the go-home shows for a big event but not actually be scheduled for it at all.

Of course, there are a few weeks until that PPV, but it’s hard to believe that The Undertaker is going to be placed in a feud for a championship.

The go-home episodes of Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live are both being held in Madison Square Garden, and that’s always a huge venue for WWE. The Undertaker simply could be appearing since it’s a big-time stage and for the fans of New York since a lot of media eyes will be on everything that is happening.

As of this writing, there is not another match scheduled for The Undertaker and it isn’t known when or even if he is going to be wrestling again. He is going to make appearances for WWE when there are big events or something important that needs to be promoted, but his in-ring time will continue to lessen. Either way, Taker is going to be back on television soon and fans need to be prepared to see just what he’s coming back to do.

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