David Koch Survived By His Wife Julia & Their 3 Kids

Billionaire conservative David Koch has died at the age of 79, and this is generating a lot of buzz among both those on the right political spectrum as well as those on the left. Many people know that David and his brother Charles were a powerful partnership in political circles, but the notorious businessman also leaves behind a wife and three young children.

As The Inquisitr detailed earlier, David Koch’s death was reported Friday morning. David had been married to his wife Julia Flesher since 1996, and he leaves behind three children. According to The New York Times, David was 56-years-old when he married Julia. Flesher was a former Adolfo fashion assistant and the two remained married until his death.

David and Julia had three children: David Jr., Mary Julia, and John Mark. As Celeb Family details, this infamous Koch brother was notoriously private about his family. As a result, it does not appear that all that much is known about his children. He did talk about how much he loved being a father and having family time, even though he did not head down that road until rather late in his life.

New York Magazine did a lengthy profile on the Koch family several years ago. They noted that David Jr. is the oldest of the three Koch children, with Mary Julia being the middle child. It appears that David Jr. is in his early 20s now, Mary Julia is in her late teens, and the youngest sibling, John Mark, is in his early teens.

Koch’s parents were said to have “maintained a certain English distance” in raising their sons. However, David apparently was different. It seems he enjoyed getting down on the floor to play and wrestle with them, and he insisted he was fully dedicated to his relationship with his wife.

“My wife knows that I’m as devoted as a choirboy to her. I would never, ever do anything to compromise my relationship with Julia.”

In a profile The Wichita Eagle did a few years ago, Koch was described as a father who enjoyed curling up with his youngest son to watch the PBS show Nova. “Johnny” and his father shared an interest in science, especially dinosaurs, and David embraced his son using him as a jungle gym as soon as he got home.

While the Koch family made a name for themselves in large part for their commitment to supporting conservative politics, David and Julia also felt that supporting charities was important as well. It seems this is something David felt was important for his children to learn, too.

“I think each one of my children is a fine, honest person with a great interest in being kind and considerate to others. And I’m sure that when they get older, they will become philanthropic — because I am providing the resources for them to contribute to worthy causes generously.”

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