Rumors Circulate That ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ May Be Coming To An End

The year 2019 has been an incredibly difficult one for Wendy Williams and the television personality seems to be finding herself making headlines more than ever before. While Williams is known for her love of airing other peoples’ dirty laundry on her show, it’s been her personal life that’s been in the tabloids this year, according to Pop Culture.

Earlier this year, Williams announced during an episode of The Wendy Williams Show that she’d checked herself into a sober house because of a recent relapse. The star, who has struggled with cocaine in the past, had been battling an addiction to alcohol and prescription pills. Tearfully, Williams admitted that though she may seem happy and glamorous while on television, there was some darkness in her private life that she was dealing with.

Around the same time that Williams publicly discussed her struggle to maintain her sobriety, rumors were swirling in the media regarding her nearly 22-year marriage to Kevin Hunter. While Williams publicly insisted that her marriage was doing just fine, Hunter was allegedly going out on her. Once the news broke that Hunter had welcomed a baby girl with his mistress, it was the final straw for Williams. She filed for divorce and fired Hunter as the executive producer of her show.

As if her messy divorce and addiction weren’t enough, Williams is struggling with several health issues, including a thyroid problem. Now, rumors are suggesting that her show might also be on the chopping block. A new source close to Williams claimed that though Season 11 of The Wendy Williams Show is expected to air, the star and her staff are aware of the fact that the show is drawing to a close. In fact, some of Williams’ staff members are already making plans for what to do after the show concludes.

“They are all well aware that all they have is Season 11 left, that’s guaranteed, but until [production company] Debmar-Mercury announces that they are renewing additional seasons beyond the next season, some staff have begun searching for jobs.”

Williams, nor the show’s producers have made any public comments regarding these rumors thus far.

Williams’ talk show has also lost one of its most well known and talented producers, Talia Parkinson-Jones. Parkinson-Jones has recently left Williams’ talk show to serve as a co-producer for Tamron Hall’s new series on ABC. Hall was once a beloved anchor of the Today Show, but left when Megyn Kelly joined the network.

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