Friday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sasha’s Health Deteriorates & She Makes Another Slip As Michael Visits

New General Hospital spoilers for Friday’s episode are out, and fans will be anxious to see what’s set to go down during the August 23 show. Sasha’s illness will seemingly be progressing, and in her delirium, she may once again mistakenly reveal more than she intended to a visiting Michael.

Sasha and Valentin have kept their secret hidden away from Nina for quite some time now, but viewers know that it’s going to emerge sooner or later. Obrecht knows this secret and has been willing to hold onto the information she has, and Valentin is desperate to keep Nina from learning the truth as their new wedding date nears.

However, Cassandra crossed paths with Michael and Sasha in Puerto Rico and slipped something into Sasha’s breakfast. Sasha is now quite ill, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that’ll set the stage for another accidental reveal.

Fans watched a while back when Sasha was sick and muttered something about how she wished Nina was her real mother. Michael overheard this and later asked her about it, but she managed to cover her tracks. Now, the sneak peek for Friday’s show shares that she’ll again utter a reference to the secret she is hiding while Michael is paying a visit.

Sasha will say something about how all of this is the punishment she deserves for what she’s done. Of course, Michael will be confused by this, and he’ll probably do his best to reassure Sasha that she hasn’t done anything to deserve this mystery illness. He may not connect this to the other slip Sasha made, but fans will be hoping he starts to pick up on these multiple red flags soon.

As The Inquisitr recently noted, it sounds as if the truth about Sasha not being Nina’s daughter may finally be revealed soon. Finn will get some startling test results, which seems likely to be related to this case.

These results may reveal something about Sasha’s illness itself, or they could contain information that signals that Sasha can’t be Nina’s biological daughter. Either way, fans are guessing these results may be the catalyst for the unraveling of Valentin’s secret.

According to General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, there will be a focus on Sasha and her illness for the next few episodes. The delirious statement that Michael hears comes on Friday, and then Finn gets the stunning test results on Monday. During that same episode, Nina gets a stunning text of some sort, which fans suspect is connected to the rest of this.

It doesn’t sound as if Valentin will walk away from this, though. In fact, General Hospital spoilers suggest he may double down as he will offer Curtis a great deal of money next week to help him with some sort of private matter. While Curtis would never agree to cover for him on this Sasha situation, it seems likely it’s connected somehow.

Will viewers finally see the truth revealed about Sasha’s relationship to Nina? If so, how will Michael react? Will it soon be revealed that Willow is Nina’s true biological daughter? General Hospital spoilers tease that answers may finally be revealed, and people are anxious to watch this play out.

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