Miley Cyrus Refuses To ‘Admit’ Her Marriage To Liam Hemsworth Ended Over Cheating

Miley Cyrus is finally speaking out about her split from actor husband Liam Hemsworth, who recently filed from divorce following reports earlier in August that the couple had called it quits.

In a series of tweets sent Thursday, Cyrus fervently refuted rumors that she and Hemsworth decided to throw in the towel over her infidelity.

“There are NO secrets to uncover here,” Miley told followers about her high-profile split. “I’ve learned from every experience in my life. I’m not perfect, I don’t want to be, it’s boring.”

Cyrus told fans that she had grown up in front of them, and said that she still loves her soon-to-be ex-husband and “always will.”

A report from People magazine released Friday said that Miley tried to change to save her relationship with her ex, who officially filed for divorce earlier this week.

The “Mother’s Daughter” singer reportedly could not be her true self while she was married to Liam, according to the People report. A source told the magazine that the split would make Cyrus happy in the long run. Cyrus was reportedly surprised that Hemsworth had filed for divorce so quickly, according to People.

While this is the first time Miley is making public comments about her split from her actor husband, it’s not the first time that she has sent hints about her impending divorce. Cyrus quickly released “Slide Away” just a few days after the couple announced their split. In the song, Cyrus sings about a couple drifting apart, and fans speculated that the track was recorded by the singer following the breakup. In the song, Miley sings that her lover should go back to the ocean, while she will go back to her “city life.”

Following reports that the couple had called it quits, Hemsworth was spotted in his home country of Australia hitting the waves with his brother, Avengers actor Chris Hemsworth, per a previous report from The Inquisitr.

In addition to her split from Hemsworth, Cyrus also addressed several past controversies that the former Disney actress had faced throughout her career, including losing a Walmart deal over reports that she had consumed drugs.

“My biggest song to date is about dancing on molly and snorting lines in the bathroom,” Cyrus tweeted.

Fans were happy that Cyrus chose to open up.

“So you’re human,” one Twitter user wrote, reassuring Cyrus and telling her to remain true to herself.

Other users tweeted that they were proud of the artist.

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