‘Big Brother’ Intruder Uses Bullhorn To Expose Tommy Bracco & Christie Murphy’s Pre-Show Friendship

Big Brother 21 had an intruder—well, sort of. The outdoor set of the CBS reality show was hijacked by a savvy superfan who tried to get a message to the sequestered houseguests, but it appears only one person may have heard the message.

According to Cosmopolitan, the Big Brother “house” is a built on a famous soundstage on the CBS Studios lot in Los Angeles. While the backyard of the BB21 house is fenced in, there’s still an open-air space for the houseguests to go outside. The intruder familiar with the “house” design reportedly got past security and to the fence and blasted audio through a bullhorn to reveal that contestants Tommy Bracco and Christie Murphy have been friends for years outside of the Big Brother game. The rogue superfan called for “fairness” in the Big Brother game.

“Christie and Tommy have been close friends for more than 12 years. Christie dated Tommy’s aunt for more than seven years. Christie and Tommy operated a business together for more than three years. Big Brother fans for fairness.”

That message also included audio from the first episode of Big Brother 21, where Christie revealed in a Diary Room session that she and Tommy know each other. In the clip, Christie said it could be a “horrible” thing for the other houseguests to find out about their connection.

Cosmo notes that the Big Brother live feeds were down for a while after the incident, but live feed viewers later noted that Holly Allen asked her showmance, Jackson Michie, if he heard what was said. In addition, Cliff Hogg addressed the incident during one of his famous camera chats. Cliff noted that the “unsettling” incident didn’t work out the way someone wanted it to work and won’t have an effect on the game.

Big Brother spoilers have long known that Tommy and Christie were childhood friends and that Christie later dated Tommy’s aunt. The two Staten Island residents are also Facebook friends and appeared together in an Instagram photo in 2014, per Hamsterwatch. Thus far, most of the other Big Brother houseguests are blind to the duo’s past connection and have instead focused on Holly Allen and Kathryn Dunn’s pageant past in which they previously crossed paths. Holly and Kat are also reportedly Facebook friends.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Big Brother executive producer Allison Grodner acknowledged Tommy and Christie’s past connection and admitted that casting directors thought their secret relationship would add an interesting dynamic to the show.

As for that bullhorn, Big Brother viewers have seen superfans try to interfere with the game several times in the past. Early seasons of the CBS reality show even featured viewers flying banners over the backyard with messages for the clueless houseguests.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

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