‘Big Brother 21’ Week 8 Eviction Spoilers: A Potential Flip Ahead Of Eviction Could Rock The House

The Week 8 eviction vote will be shown during Thursday night’s episode of Big Brother 21, and spoilers suggest that viewers might see a major flip in voting plans. Jackson Michie is the Head of Household this week, and he also won the Power of Veto. He nominated Christie Murphy and Analyse Talavera, with Christie being his target. However, her campaigning efforts look like they may have shaken things up significantly.

As Big Brother Network details, both Christie and Analyse have done some campaigning over the past few days. Both women have approached Jackson to try to save themselves, but BB21 spoilers from the live feeds suggest that Murphy may have been more effective. Essentially, she made Jackson a deal and Talavera didn’t.

With her campaigning, Christie has promised Jackson and Holly Allen that she will not target them. She promised she wants to work with them and that she would rather be evicted in fifth place than ninth. There was a lot of talk of whose votes they could count on getting and plenty of buzz regarding who they would loop in on this.

Christie insists she would target Nick Maccarone first, although she also talked about seeing Nicole Anthony as another potential target. Christie and Nick were butting heads quite a bit Tuesday night, and Murphy is determined to outlast him in the BB21 house.

Cliff Hogg and Nicole talked extensively with Jackson and Holly after Christie’s deal-making efforts in the HOH room. Cliff is game to partner with Jackson and Holly, as long as they promise to protect Nicole, too. The quartet seemed ready to commit to sticking together, with Christie as a fifth alliance member.

At this point, Tommy Bracco seems willing to go whichever way keeps him off people’s radar. He has been close to Christie, so keeping her isn’t going to take a big push. He’s been asking Jackson for information. However, Jackson’s been keeping things rather vague, but it sounds as if Bracco will probably be clued in on Thursday and vote to evict Sis.

Jessica Milagros remains more allied to Christie than Sis, so there doesn’t seem to be any worry there. Big Brother spoilers from Twitter account @BB_Updates note that Christie suggested keeping her willingness to align with Cliff and Nicole on the down-low so she doesn’t alienate Jess.

Will the votes really shift so that Analyse Talavera heads to the jury house instead of Christie Murphy? Are Jackson Michie and Holly Allen wise to change up their plans this way or will this come back to burn them? Things could still change during the day on Thursday leading up to the live votes, but at this point, Big Brother 21 spoilers suggest that Christie’s efforts may have bought her more time in the BB21 house.

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