‘Dancing With The Stars’ Fans Threaten To Boycott Season 28 After Tom Bergeron’s Comments About Sean Spicer

Tom Bergeron is one of the most beloved TV hosts in recent history, but he made a controversial commentary that has some fans ready to boycott Dancing with the Stars.

After the longtime ABC host posted a lengthy statement (you can see it below) about how disappointed he was in the casting of a politically “divisive” party (translation: former White House press secretary Sean Spicer), fans flocked to the comments section of his most recent Instagram post to call him out for making things political. Others threatened to boycott the longtime ABC celebrity ballroom competition, which is set to debut its 28th season next month.

“Wow. Ruined it for me. You made your show political with your comments,” wrote one DWTS viewer.

“I guess you don’t want us conservatives to watch your show, Tom? Fine by me,” another added.

Others questioned why the highly-paid Bergeron is even commenting on who is on the cast and suggested he just do his job.

“Tom, you complain about not wanting the show to be political and you go and get political?!?…I’ve watched Dancing since it began and there have been plenty of people I didn’t agree with! Too bad the host of the show can’t be just the host, and because you chose to bring nastiness in I will not be tuning in! Disappointed in you…”

“Seriously?” another viewer wrote. “So the show that pays you a TON of money can’t have anyone they choose on it…because you don’t agree with someone? You are the one that made it political…so disappointed in you…”

Other viewers asked Bergeron if perhaps he was rooting for controversial NFL player/activist Colin Kaepernick to join the cast and then pointed out that it’s just dancing, not politics.

Sean Spicer has already fired back at Bergeron’s comments about him and said he hopes the Dancing with the Stars host changes his tune about him once the season gets rolling, as previously shared by The Inquisitr.

Tom Bergeron’s upfront feelings about a DWTS contestant are unprecedented. The seasoned host usually remains neutral on the show and is friendly to all of the participants. It will be interesting to see if things get awkward with Spicer when Dancing with the Stars debuts one month from now.

Past political figures on the celebrity dancing show include former House speaker Tom DeLay (Season 9), former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol Palin (Season 11 and Season 15), and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry (currently U.S. Secretary of Energy), according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Check out Bergeron’s statement below.

Dancing with the Stars Season 28 premieres Monday, September 16 on ABC.

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