‘One Piece’ Chapter 953 Spoilers: Zoro Offered Legendary Sword Enma In Exchange For Shusui

One Piece Chapter 953 is yet to be officially released but spoilers are already surfacing on the web. The upcoming chapter of One Piece will be mainly focusing on Straw Hat Pirates vice-captain Roronoa Zoro, Momonosuke Hiyori, Kawamatsu the Kappa, and Gyukimaru. According to a Twitter post by SP Manga, One Piece Chapter 953 is titled “One Time Fox.”

The chapter started with the flashback of Kawamatsu. It was the time when Kawamatsu lost Hiyori. In the previous chapter of One Piece, Hiyori explained that she decided to leave Kawamatsu because she thought that he would die saving her. When Lord Oden was killed by Emperor Kaido, Kawamatsu was the one who took care of Hiyori. Before she parted ways with Kawamatsu, Hiyori left him a letter.

After the flashback, One Piece Chapter 953 is set to feature the conversation between Kawamatsu and Hiyori at the Bandit’s Bridge. Kawamatsu and Hiyori are heading to the graves in Ringo where they will be collecting the weapons they intend to use in the upcoming war against Emperor Kaido and the Beast Pirates. Kawamatsu revealed that like Hakumai, Ringo was also formerly ruled by the Shimotsuki Clan.

In Ringo, there is a tradition where people put the swords of the dead samurais with the tombstones in their graves. Because of that, the graves in Ringo attract many thieves. Luckily, in the last five years, the graves have been guarded by a fox named Onimaru. Kawamatsu built a good relationship with Onimaru after the time he saved his life when he was badly injured.

However, when they see each other again, Onimaru didn’t immediately recognize Kawamatsu. Onimaru stopped Kawamatsu from getting closer to the graves and bit his arm. Instead of defending himself, the teary-eyed Kawamatsu talked to Onimaru.

“I don’t know how to explain this to you, but the Wano’s fight isn’t over yet. 13 years later, the samurais will unite together and defeat the Beast Pirates. These blades will be useful at that time. If you can’t forgive me, then take this arm.”

After hearing those words from Kawamatsu, Onimaru decided to let him go. It was revealed that 13 years ago, Kawamatsu and Onimaru were both guarding the graves in Ringo from thieves. However, when Kawamatsu headed to the Flower Capital to search for food, he was captured and was imprisoned at the Prisoner’s Mine.

While on their way to the place where they hid the swords, Kawamatsu met Zoro, who was lost while chasing Gyukimaru. After deciding to go with Kawamatsu and Hiyori, Zoro found Gyukimaru. Unfortunately, Gyukimaru transformed and disappeared once again. The One Piece Wano Arc will soon reveal the real identity of Gyukimaru.

One Piece Chapter 953 is also set to show Hiyori asking Zoro to give Shusui back to the Land of Wano. Zoro refused at first, telling Hiyori that Shusui is his sword. Hiyori then offered a legendary sword named Enma to Zoro in exchange for Shusui. Hiyori revealed that Enma was formerly owned by his father, Lord Oden. It is the only sword in the Land of Wano that managed to leave a scar on Emperor Kaido’s body.

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